Alan Jones believes Webber should race for Ferrari

By on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo credit: Red Bull GEPA

Former Australian World Champion Alan Jones believes Mark Webber should consider a move to Ferrari if the opportunity to replace Felipe Massa arises. After taking his second Monaco Grand Prix victory last weekend, the Australian driver showed his worth to any top team on the grid.

“Mark has already done one of the two things that most Formula 1 drivers would like to do, and that’s win Monaco.” Explained Alan Jones, in a podcast put together by the organizers of the Australian Grand Prix. “The other one is to drive for Ferrari. I’m sure he’d have a look at it. If he goes to Ferrari, it could be a breath of fresh air – it’s very prestigious and something really good to have on your CV. He gets on extremely well with [Fernando] Alonso, so maybe that could be a good way for him to go.”

However, if Mark Webber was to make the move to the Maranello-based team, racing alongside the dominant figure of Fernando Alonso would undoubtedly be a difficult task to undertake. However, this was also thought about the move Jenson Button completed from Brawn GP to McLaren for the 2010 season, yet by 2011 Button had become the No. 1 driver in McLaren as Lewis Hamilton suffered a less-than-successful season.

Alan Jones also believes that Mark Webber already has his work cutout racing alongside Sebastian Vettel, and that Alonso wouldn’t be any more difficult as a team-mate for the 35-year-old. If Webber was to make the move to Ferrari, he would become the first Australian driver to race for the Italian outfit in the history of Formula 1.

With his contract with Red Bull coming to an end this season, and Felipe Massa’s seat at Ferrari coming under serious scrutiny after a disastrous start to the season, these rumors could well begin to gather momentum as the season unfolds.

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