Aerodynamic focus in F1 'unacceptable' - Domenicali

By on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 4 (GMM) Stefano Domenicali is calling for a "discussion" in formula one about the disproportionate influence of aerodynamics.

As Ferrari struggled with the opening stanza of 2011 and worked to get to the bottom of a wind tunnel problem, president Luca di Montezemolo said aerodynamics is playing an "80 per cent" role in the performance of the cars.

"F1 is also about the mechanical, the engines. This F1 does not sit well with me," he said.

Team boss Domenicali told Auto Bild that he fully agrees.

"Actually, in formula one at the moment there is really only aerodynamic development," he said. "It is 90 per cent of the performance which from the perspective of a car manufacturer such as Ferrari is unacceptable.

"The future of the automobile is not in the aerodynamics; only a small portion of our (road car) budget is in this area.

"If we had the same approach for formula one, we would not qualify for the races. So there is an imbalance between real cars and formula one," insisted Domenicali.

He admitted that Ferrari is not "traditionally" the best in F1 in the field of aerodynamics, arguing that it is Red Bull's Adrian Newey who is making the difference in the current era.

It's why Ferrari is working hard to catch up, such as by introducing a Red Bull-style flexible front wing as soon as possible.

He denies the concept is illegal.

"There is only a foul if the referee blows the whistle," said Domenicali. "So long as it passes the FIA tests, there is nothing wrong. So we need to make sure our front wings work just the same."

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