2018 F1 Standings

By on Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The F1 Grand Prix is the grandest racing tournament in the world. Attracting both drivers and constructors from all over the planet. Drivers are given the chance to tour the world as the races are held across many countries over several months. The tournament has various racers and constructers competing to be the best.

Top Engines So Far

So far since we are still in the early stages of the tournament it is rather hard to tell which company will be the best constructor. However, at the present moment, we do have Ferrari currently leading with 287 points. This was after Sebastian Vettel won the race at the British Grand Prix held on the 8th of July. Kimi Räikkönen came in third, contributing further to the lead Ferrari had already set. If you want to bet on your favourite driver, you can visit any F1 gambling websites and place bets on this biggest F1 event on the calendar.

From Mercedes, Loius Hamilton came in second and Valtteri Bottas fourth, securing Mercedes the second constructor spot with 267 points. Red Bull Racing Tag Heuer is currently sitting pretty at third place, as driver Daniel Ricciardo came in fifth place. This gave his constructer 199 points.  At fourth place in the constructor place is Renault with just 70 points. Their driver Nico Hulkenberg, in the recent race, came in sixth place.

Betting Odds

With the next race being held at Hockenheimring in Germany on the 22nd of July, betting from pokies online and sports bets are currently underway. Since the drivers are only as good as the race cars that they drive, the constructors had better have some new tricks up their sleeves.  As to who the final winner will be, it’s a bit too soon to estimate that, but the risk takers already have their eyes set on the prize. Since the last race is going to be being held in Abu Dhabi at the Yas Marina Circuit on the 25th of November, all we can do for now is watch the build-up and wait eagerly for the last race.

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