2011 Pirelli tyre development important - Marko

By on Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mar.17 (GMM) Red Bull's competition director Helmut Marko told the APA news agency that the development of Pirelli's tyres this year will be crucial.

"There are going to be a lot more tyre pistops this year and when the safety car comes out at a bad time, the middle class teams could benefit," he said.

The Austrian acknowledged that the teams and Bernie Ecclestone pushed for more tyre degradation to improve the show, but he said Pirelli has "not yet found the right balance".

"From the middle of the season they will get it under control, so it should not be decisive for the entire year," he added.

Fernando Alonso agrees that the Pirelli factor has perhaps been overstated recently.

"The best and fastest car will still win the title," he is quoted by Autosprint.

"Strategy is going to be important, and a couple of times it will happen that maybe the fastest one has the wrong strategy.

"But over 19 races, the most important thing is to have a fast car," added the Ferrari driver.

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