2011 Ferrari now called 'F150th Italia'

By on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb.10 (GMM) Ferrari has changed the name of its 2011 formula one car.

It emerged on Thursday that Ford is suing the famous Italian marque after Ferrari called this year's single seater F150.

The name was a tribute to the 150th anniversay of Italian unification, but Ford owns the trademark to F-150 for its famous pickup truck model.

Subsequent to the reports of legal action, Ferrari has twice on Thursday published amendments to earlier reports that referred to the F150.

"Before the lunch break, Fernando Alonso completed just over two hundred kilometres at the wheel of the Ferrari F150th Italia," said the team in one bulletin from last week's Valencia testing.

And in another amended report, Ferrari said there had been "two million hits from 149 countries for the Ferrari F150th Italia on the Ferrari (web)site".

Referring to the recent launch of the car, the team alerted readers that "web surfers were able to follow the presentation of the Ferrari F150th Italia" live.

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