Rate the 2011 Formula One Season

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Re: Rate the 2011 Formula One Season

Post by f1manoz » 17 Dec 2011, 18:56

1. Best race - Canada. It had everything

2. Best driver - Jenson Button impressed me immensely this year

3. Best drive - Jenson Button's drive from last to first in Canada, and his win in Japan was also mighty

4. Best start - Alonso in Spain.

5. Best rookie - Was impressed by Perez

6. Biggest surprises - Ferrari only winning one race all season

7. Biggest disappointments - Mercedes GP. Lots of investment for not even one podium in 2011

8. Best overtake - For pure b***, it has to be Vettel on the outside of Alonso at Monza. Put a few doubters to rest with that move

9. Best team - Hard to look past Red Bull

10. Best car - The RB7

11. Crash of the year - Perez at Monaco. Glad he was okay after that

12. Biggest controversy - Were there many this year? Probably Hamilton's continuous run-in with the stewards for the first half of the year

13. Favourite moment - Button's win the Japan and the scenes afterwards, though I think the moment between him and his girlfriend could have been a bit more private than it was

14. Biggest Fail of the Year - Massa in general. Utterly trounced by Alonso. Hard to see why he's still there for 2012

15. General Comments - Other bits and pieces - Renault disappeared after a promising start while watching Williams decline to the rear of the grid is just too sad to watch at times. The new teams still don't look close to making the points - Virgin and HRT verge on the pathetic - but Lotus now Caterham may change that for next season

FYI - I'm not a Button fan for all the votes. Just think he was outstanding this season.

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