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F1 Routinier
F1 Routinier
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Re: Warning

Post by cformula1 » 14 Apr 2009, 17:18

columbo77 wrote:how else am i and others supposed to relive the classic races and drivers of the past..

According to the doddering old fool called Bernie Ecclestone, you are not supposed to.... or buy their overpriced highlights DVDs that only show 5-12 minutes of each race.
columbo77 wrote:Bernie and his gang should be ashamed if they do stop F1 video sites,how else am i and others supposed to relive the classic races and drivers of the past..be different if I had the option to buy the full season sets .I does make the blood boil when people\companies are against online distribution for fun and interest when they dont provide an alternative..I would even subscribe to an official TV channel if the powers that be bothered to air one.anyway ive said my bit lol (Ps..i am talking about pre 2009 races not this seasons though)

Hear, hear! :thumbsup:

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kart driver
kart driver
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Re: Warning

Post by columbo77 » 16 Apr 2009, 09:56

No I shant be buying highlights of what they deem to be the best bits..its like this most mass produced compilations especially comedy stuff.They always leave out the good bits and put a lot of fillers in there instead.. a bit like my "Best Of Trigger happy TV" DVD..Full Races much better

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