Need help start karting.

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Re: Need help start karting.

Post by alex1369 » 07 Jan 2014, 06:43

Well unfortunaley todays world is s***, no matter how much talent you have, even if you win all races. But if you dont have the money then its over...

Just look at F1. Hulkenberg is great driver and has big talent but he struggles for money just like some other drivers. But Maldonado is s***, but he has the big money...... see what i mean. Its unfair. There are manny talents out there, but its very unfair that someones else takes theirs seat just because they have a big suitcase full of money. But his results are c**p.

Im not trying to bring you down and to give up on your dream. Im just telling you that it is very unfair whats going on in the world. The stupid money unfortunatley makes the world go round :(

Well best of luck, i hope that you achieve what you want.

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