2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

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Who will win the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix?

Poll ended at 03 Apr 2010, 19:33

Fernando Alonso
Felipe Massa
Jenson Button
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Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg
Robert Kubica
Sebastian Vettel
Michael Schumacher
Vitantonio Liuzzi
Mark Webber
Rubens Barrichello
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Total votes: 67

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Re: 2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

Post by Zack » 07 Apr 2010, 13:54

mikhailv wrote:
Zack wrote:
mikhailv wrote:He passed hamilton the lap before when he didnt weave. Lewis had to weave to keep petrov behind. Its in the rules your allowed one defensive move, and then you can move back onto the line. Not weave 4 times on the damn straight.

But hey, johnny herbert was the advisor to the steward. So no pro-british bias there :roll::

Otherwise, Lewis' performance was identical to massa's. They both finished 14 places ahead of their qualifying positions, except lewis made a load of pointless overtaking manouveurs and the louise fans' hopes up when in reality, massa matched him in race result.

Shame nando's clutch went. He was faster than the both of them without it ;)
So basically you agree that Hamilton should had been penalize.I didn't see any british bias in the first place .. just plain ignorance from stewards. Unfortunately it is hard for Hamilton fans to accept it. :p

How was Alonso faster than Hamilton? ... IMO Hamilton was better than Alonso even before the gear issues.[/quote]

Alonso started the race with no clutch. It didnt come on mid race, he had the problem on the way to the grid; its in his post race interviews. And im a cynical british bloke; the only time the stewards got things right was every single penalty lewis had in 2008, including the spa penalty.

Also, Alonso set the second fastest lap, just under 2 tenths from webber. He was half a second quicker than lewis in the race;

http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2010/04/04/m ... test-laps/

So really, lewis isnt fast in races. Setting only 3 fastest laps in his whole career in at least 2 years of a top car, then the second half of 2009 and 2010. Not really very impressive. I wish jenson would get upto speed =/

Didn't knew Alonso had problem from the start of the race *strange*.

Fastest LAP: they are good ... but they pretty useless when it comes to winning race or championship. In short don't read too much in it ;)

Another thing is fairness comprise for entertainment :huh:
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Mitsuro Sano
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Re: 2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

Post by Mitsuro Sano » 07 Apr 2010, 15:59

phil1993 wrote:Hamilton was the best of the three and made the race entertaining. People complained in 2008 with all the penalties that flew about ruining the championship and now people want penalties! Let them race! If there were more drivers like Lewis then the races would be really entertaining as he just went for it. Massa just followed Lewis into Turn 1 and from there looked mediocre until he got the softs. Even then he took quite a few laps to get past Button whose tyres were shot.

Alonso did well considering his clutch problems and was just as fast as FM at the start

People complained in 2008 because penalties were against McLaren or gave advantage to Ferrari. A lot of them were fair but a bit harsh ( Hamilton in France, Hamilton Massa and Bourdais in Japan ), but some were stupid ( Hamilton in Spa ).

Hamilton's move deserved a penalty,if not, why the warning? The rule says that you're allowed to change your line once. But this rule is useless as long as moves are not dangerous, and this is racing.

And from this race, I think we can't tell who was faster than the other: Hamilton was charging through the field, Massa and Alonso waited behind STR and Button tried his Australia performance. At the end, they were together lol.

But honestly, Alonso's performance was the most respectable, we all heared the sound of his engine when he was downshifting, we all know he was in trouble most of the race ( if not all the race ) but then he was still battling with Button and Massa.

About Hamilton's move, if Petrov had a good momentun after the hairpin, maybe Hamilton would have used the F-Duct system, and then his moves would be dangerous because I believe the F-Duct remove drag from rear wing, but also a lot of his downforce, that would get the manoeuvre very difficult :confused:

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Re: 2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

Post by JoostLamers » 07 Apr 2010, 18:30

phil1993 wrote:For me, Massa's block on Webber in Australia was much more dangerous. They were going at well over 180mph when he cut right infront and nearly caused a monumental accident

And he made a move on Hamilton as well, that's why Hamilton hit Massa with his front wing, watch the footage :zz:
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Re: 2010 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

Post by cformula1 » 08 Apr 2010, 11:10

The move was very unsporting, and a little bit dangerous, but not worthy of a drive through. A reprimand is fairer, but I still feel Lewis should have been told to let Petrov past and try again (to pass him) in the lap or two after the incident.