The New Teams of Lotus, Virgin and Hispania!

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The New Teams of Lotus, Virgin and Hispania!

Post by DJDisco » 15 Nov 2011, 21:42

Hello and Welcome to the second of my Reviews of the Year, this time I am reviewing the new teams which entered Formula One last year. These were Lotus, Hispania and Virgin but one year ahead what has changed with their results and qualifying!

Lotus Racing | Renault | Best Result: 13th Place

Lotus Racing started in the same place as last year which was the Bottom 6 but this year have been the only of the new teams to get through to Q2 in not just wet conditions but dry aswell. That is why in the New Teams Standings I have given them 9/10 for them getting 3 13 places in 18 races and these are not just wet!

Total: 9/10

Starts - 37
Number of 13th Places: 6
Number of 12th Places: 1

I am now going to do the drivers of Lotus and rate them!

Jarno Trulli | Lotus Racing | Best Result: Two 13th Places

Jarno has had a brilliant year to do with his Race pace but when it comes to the Qualifying he usually lacks behind Heikki. He got replaced in the German Grand Prix which could tell us that he might only have a few more years in Formula One but also he was getting a new power steering controller which he struggled to use in the opening 9 races of the year. He has been out-paced to Heikki about 8 times compared to his 10 times!

Races - 255 (254 race starts)
Wins - 1
Podiums - 11
Points - 246.5
Poles - 4

Number of Retirements - 4 (Not including German Grand Prix)

Heikki Kovalainen | Lotus Racing | Best Result: 13th Place

Heikki has been the one who has been finishing ahead of cars which are quicker than them including Korea and India where he finishes ahead of the Williams cars! He finishes on the lead lap at the Japanese Grand Prix finishing in 18th Place which tells you that Lotus are getting to the stage when they will not be one of the new teams.

Races - 89 (88 race starts)
Wins - 1
Podiums - 4
Points - 105
Poles - 1

Number of Retirements - 5

Karun Chandhok | Lotus Test Driver | Raced in the German Grand Prix in place of Jarno Trulli

Karun was now the Lotus Racing test driver, after making a huge mistake in Australia in the opening minutes of the first practice he didn't get a seat back till Turkey! He returned to race for the first time since 2010 in Germany in place of Jarno Trulli who was getting the power steering done and dusted. He was terrible in Germany finishing 20th and last!

Races - 11
Wins - 0
Podiums - 0
Points - 0
Poles - 0

Number of Retirements - 0

Those were the drivers and now it's time to rate them!

1st Place - Heikki Kovalainen - 9/10
2nd Place - Jarno Trulli - 8/10
3rd Place - Karun Chandhok - 4/10

I will do the next review of the new teams tomorrow when I will review Hispania and the drivers of Daniel, Narain and Tonio!

DJ Disco

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Re: The New Teams of Lotus, Virgin and Hispania!

Post by frubbs » 16 Nov 2011, 12:16

I specially like Kova.
Image 322 gps | 14 pp | 11 1st

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The Review of Hispania!

Post by DJDisco » 19 Nov 2011, 17:40

The Review of Hispania | By Joshua Smith | 19 November 2011

This is my second of three reviews on the new teams of 2010 and into 2011. So last time we did Lotus and now we are doing Hispania!!

Full article at 9:30pm

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