The quandry of Felipe Massa

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Re: The quandry of Felipe Massa

Post by mikhailv » 05 Nov 2011, 19:11

phil1993 wrote:I dunno, I remember a time when a 'racing incident' existed, without the need for pages of debate between fans of each driver, protecting their man to the death and arguing over nothing.

Hamilton: Had the chance, could have backed out. Paid the price with a wing change
Massa: Should have protected the inside more, closed the door too much. Paid the price by losing time.
yus. infact it shouldve bewn just a racing incident with neither accept a penalty. hammy lost his nose massa went into the gravel. punished already

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Re: The quandry of Felipe Massa

Post by Sander » 06 Nov 2011, 11:23

mikhailv wrote:hso if the car infront on the racing line taking optimum cornering and is 3/4 ahead he has to give way to the car behind? is in not the following cars responisibility to go around the car infront and back off when required? or are you one of those who think that if youve got a nosecone to the rear wheel you have right of way and overtaking is no longer required as you stick your nose in the other guy has to go off track and let you through?

i mean seriously is this what the f1 community has become? where is the people who saw racing and remembers a time where the guy behind was responsible for overtaking and banging wheels without taking each other out?
nice that you actually read my post where i said in my opinion it was a race incident and no penalty should be given to anyone "cause this is racing"

and no, i didn't mention anywhre that just because he has his frontwing next to the other he should give away his place, but massa did see hamilton and they collided with his right front wheel almost against his front wheel (on the body very near his frontwheel) so I don't understand your post..

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