About our view of the Formula 1

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About our view of the Formula 1

Post by dacer » 25 Jul 2011, 10:07

Well, I do not want to argue, just with the way I see the Formula 1 that I see is far away from many other people. And do not say away in the sense that I like x pilot or another, but what I value in a race over others.

For example, the rating we do at the end of any race. Most people score race according if his favorite pilot wins or loses. That is if you're a fan of Kobayashi and he wins, then give a 10. But if wins his archenemy, give it a 0. Sincerely this is not rate the race, this is rate if you liked the result.

A race can be funny, with plenty of overtaking on the track, who won uncertainty, for whom the podium, without polemic issues. But the driver who wins is what you hate, the race deserves a high punctuation. The driver who you like can win the race, but start first, in the first lap was more than 3 seconds ahead, and finally arrived with more than 30 seconds; overtaking in the top 3, none; not even interest in the top10, race deserves a low punctuation.

I am also against the valuation of best / worst team. Generally, mote about worst team. Most people say HRT, Virgin or Lotus. Sure, look at the classification and put the last. For me an error. These teams have to make a great effort to be race to race in Formula 1, for them to end a race is an achievement, let a driver over their rivals, a success. It is very unfair to evaluate one of these teams as the worst team, when they may not have known if they had money to run that race.

Well, just that!. Sl2

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Re: About our view of the Formula 1

Post by brainfreeze » 03 Feb 2012, 14:48

I suppose this is a good place to share this... Found in the 'Chicago Tribune'.
Ex-champ done with F-1
Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve is done with Formula One, not just as a driver but now seemingly as a spectator as well.

The 40-year-old Canadian, who last drove for BMW-Sauber in 2006 but has been linked to several possible comeback drives since then, said Monday he now has eyes only for NASCAR.

“I don’t watch the races anymore. I’m done, for the first time ever,” Villeneuve said. “I just can’t be bothered. Halfway through the race I’m yawning and it’s really tough … and I just get upset.”

The former Indy 500 winner has been competing most recently in the NASCAR Nationwide Series with Penske Racing.

“It’s so much fun,” he said. “It reminds me of why I got into racing in the first place.

“F-1 is giving penalties for people making mistakes instead of for people driving dirty,” he said, his comments perhaps reflecting a lack of recent viewing. “And that is wrong. Mistakes happen. You run into each other, that’s life, that’s racing and too bad.”

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