Formula 1 merchandise thread

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Re: Formula 1 merchandise thread

Post by donald29 » 12 Nov 2011, 15:30

That's an impressive collection! I collect 1/43 models myself, try to pick them up cheaply off Ebay! Currently I own:

Michael Schumacher 20 Years Anniversary Spa model. (Sold only at the Belgian Grand Prix this year, 2010 car in 2011 livery with special 20 years case).
Michael Schumacher 2010 Mercedes GP W01.
Michael Schumacher 2010 Mercedes GP Showcar.
Michael Schumacher 1996 Ferrari F310.
Michael Schumacher 1994 Benetton B194.
Michael Schumacher 1991 Benetton B191
Mike Hakkinen McLaren MP4-21 2006 Barcelona Test.
James Hunt 1976 McLaren M23.
Nick Heidfeld 2007 BMW-Sauber F1.07
Nick Heidfeld 2002 Sauber C21.
Jos Verstappen 2000 Arrows A21.
Jos Verstappen 2001 Arrows Showcar.
Jos Verstappen 1999 Honda RA099 Prototype.
Alex Zandardi 1999 Williams FW21.
Ralf Schumacher 2000 Williams FW22.

Also got a 1996 Schumacher and 1985 Senna 1/8 helmet plus several 1/12 Onyx helmets I picked up for £1 each at a boot sale!

Got various caps and clothing as well, but it's the model collection I like the best. :)

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