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 Post subject: A team, a corner
PostPosted: 18 Sep 2010, 11:39  
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Throughout all the seasons, there had been people crashing and retiring in every circuit. But it happened sometimes that a team ( or even one driver ) had their own corner for crashing!

Those are the ones I remember:
- Monza 2009 - 2010, Hamilton: From the second consecutive year, Hamilton crashed in Lesmo. In 2009, he crashed on the last lap, in 2010 he crashed on the first lap!

- Suzuka 2009, RedBull teams : Buemi, Alguersuari and Webber all crashed in Degner Curve!

- Monaco 2007 - 2008, RedBull teams : Liuzzi crashed his STR into the Casino in 07, and Bourdais crashed into Coulthard who crashed into the Casino in 08.

- Pit Lane 2007 - 2008, Hamilton and the Williams team: Until 2009 and his accident in Spa, Hamilton never retired from a Grand Prix after a crash happened in the circuit. But he crashed two times on the pit lane. In China 2007, after McLaren finally decided to change Hamilton's intermediate tyres which was fully destroyed, Hamilton went to fast on the pit lane and tank his car on the gravel. In 2008 in Canada, after Sutil parking his car in a dangerous place, the safety was deployed but no cars could enter the pit until it's open. When it finally was, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Kubica ( the top 3 ) and co. pitted. Raikkonen and Kub had a better pit stop and pass Hamilton, but the light on the exit was still red. Raikkonen and Kubica, side by side, had seen it so they stopped. Hamilton didn't. Rosberg didn't. Both crashed. Later in the race, Nakajima broke his front wing so he went into the pits for a replacement. Sadly his front wing fell off in the pit lane and Nakajima couldn't turn. He crashed in the pit lane too!

- Monaco 2006 - 2007, Ferrari ( the famous one ) : Schumacher parked his car in La Rascasse in 06 to secure Pole Position, and Raikkonen, in 07, "parked" his car with steering arm broken. Massa parked his car to avoid Raikkonen!

- Hockenheim 2001 - 2003/2004, Burti - Raikkonen: at the start of the 2001, in the last race hold in the old Hockenheim circuit, Schumacher, with a gearbox problem couldn't get away quickly from his grid spot. Burti couldn't avoid him and was launched into the air, then landed on a Arrows and then crashed in T1. The race was red flagged and both Burti and Schumacher was able to take their spare cars. Ironically, Burti crashed again in T1 and, on the same lap, Schumacher retired with again a gearbox problem.
Raikkonen too suffered from the Nord Kurve in Hockenheim in 2003 and 2004. At the start of the 2003, Raikkonen was hit by Barrichello who was squizzed by RSC, then hit hard the wall. In 2004, when McLaren recovered from their pathetic beginning of the season, Raikkonen was battling Schumacher for 1st place ( even if Button was leading at that moment just because he didn't make a pitstop ) when a rear wing failure happened and send him backwards into the wall.

- Silverstone 91/92/93/94/95, McLaren, Senna, Hakkinen, Blundell ( and Barrichello ): in 91, Mansell win his home GP with Williams. But Senna was unable to finish the last lap! After the finish, Mansell stops to give Senna a ride with the Williams until the pit lane. In 92, Senna retired with only 7 laps to go after a transmission problem. In 93, Senna again retired on the last lap. In 94, Barrichello and Hakkinen collided on the last corner of the last lap! Both drivers was giving a one race suspended ban after this incident. And in 95, Barrichello again crashed into a McLaren, driven this time by Blundell, on the last lap! Blundell was able to take the finish line on three wheels!

There are a lot more incidents that I can't remember so feel free to post there some similar incidents!

Ciao :lol:
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 Post subject: Re: A team, a corner
PostPosted: 18 Sep 2010, 11:46  
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Don't quite agree with Lewis' Lesmo 1. Yes he retired there both years but in 2010 the crash was at Roggia chicane, not Lesmo :O

Ralf Schumacher - Indy Turn 13 (banked final curve) during the 2004 race + 2005 practice.
Jenson Button - Les Combes, Spa - Had a blow out there in 2004 and hit Baumgartner. In the 2009 race he was taken out by Grosjean there.

Can't think of any more for now.

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 Post subject: Re: A team, a corner
PostPosted: 19 Sep 2010, 18:39  
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That's right about Lewis, but I mention this year incident because he end up into the gravel at Lesmo 1 ;)

Hockenheim 2000 - 2001, M.Schumacher: At the start of the 2000 German GP, Schumacher,on the first row of the grid, had a poor start and has been past by Hakkinen and Coulthard. Fisichella, 4th couldn't avoid him in the braking of T1 and both crashed. In 2001, things didn't get better for Schumacher, as mentionned earlier, with a gearbox problem, he couldn't get away quickly from his position and was hit by Burti
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