Half Term Report

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Who will win the 2010 F1 Championship?

Poll ended at 21 Jul 2010, 14:58

Lewis Hamilton | McLaren | 145 pts
Jenson Button | McLaren | 133 pts
No votes
Mark Webber | Red Bull | 128 pts
Sebastian Vettel | Red Bull | 121 pts
Fernando Alonso | Ferrari | 98 pts
No votes
No votes
Total votes: 4

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Half Term Report

Post by phil1993 » 15 Jul 2010, 14:35

Rate from 1-25 (IN TERMS OF POSITION, NOT POINTS) how you think the drivers have performed this season. Judge them not by who you like, but their peformances with the equipment they have, performances against team mate(s), racecraft, qualifying etc. In a few weeks, I'll tally up points and see what we all think.

1. Webber
2. Vettel
3. Kubica
so on

Here's mine:

1. L. Hamilton
Had a bad start to the season, but has responded in style. Has taken the car to places it shouldn't be sometimes and has played the points game when he's needed to.

2. M. Webber
Three wins means he has more victories than the other drivers. Has made few mistakes and holds the upper hand against Vettel, despite suggestions that he is the Number 2...

3. R. Kubica
Two podiums in a car that is difficult to judge pace-wise. Hardly makes an error and has only been out of the points twice - neither of which were his fault

4. J. Button
Easily the most intelligent driver on the grid and his decision to move to McLaren looks justified. Doesn't have the dry weather pace to live with Hamilton though, which means that he may be playing No.2 soon

5. S. Vettel
On his day he is unstoppable, but other than that he has squandered a few chances in the best car on the grid. A few times it wasn't his fault, but lost potential wins in China, Silverstone and of course Istanbul. Still a doubt over his overtaking skills

6. F. Alonso
Started the season well with a win, but, despite having an advantage over Massa, he has made mistakes that he simply would not have made in 2005-6. These mistakes have cost him dearly and with an inferior car, making up a 47 point gap will be hard

7. N. Rosberg
Still a difficult driver to judge as he was only slightly quicker than Nakajima but is now much quicker than Schumacher. Three podiums are a deserved reward

8. A Sutil
Has become the driver that many expected he would have been when he joined F1. Sits only a point behind Schumacher and his maturity is one of the suprises of the season

9. R. Barrichello
Has taken 29 of Williams' 31 points and its a case of the old guy beating the young gun. Looks set to stay for 2011

10. K. Kobayashi
Surprised he's so high up? Well, up until Montreal, he would have been well down but two impressive races have turned his season around.

11. M. Schumacher
An interesting case. Has been trounced by Rosberg and he seems a shade of his former self, which has led some to question his dominant era and how good a driver he really is. Struggled with tyres + getting to grips with the regulations. 2011 will be much better - if he sticks with it

12. J. Alguersuari
Drive in Malaysia was stunning, following on from learning from Schumacher in Australia. Also took points in Spain and came close in China. Has retired only once thanks to brake failure and his finishing positions have been good

13. H. Kovalainen
Has spent most of the season on happy pills and he looks much fresher and more comfortable at Lotus than he did at McLaren. Can lead Lotus to the points very soon and restore their former glory

14. F. Massa
It was always going to be hard for Massa, but this year has been a disaster. Take out the 33 points he scored from the first two races and his situation looks worse. Silly mistakes and quali woes have been a feature of his season. Things can only get better, surely?

15. S. Buemi
Had lots of misfortune early in the season as the wheels came off the wagon (literally). Strong showings recently improved his situation, but early season pace wasn't great compared to Jaime.

16. V. Liuzzi
Not a great year so far. A few races to be happy about but he should be higher up. Said that he should be judged by what he did at Silverstone. Pretty sure he'd like to retract those words now.

17. V. Petrov
The best rookie but not by much. Scored points in China but his season has been blighted by pushing too hard and suffered from mechanical failures when running strongly. Has been anonymous recently.

18. N. Hulkenberg
For a driver of Hulkenberg's calibre, much more was expected. However, most of that was down to the car but even so, he has been slower than Rubens for much of the year. But if any of this years rookies will ever win a race, it'll be him

19. T. Glock
Has led the Virgin operation strongly but has been let down by the car too often.

20. K. Chandhok
Nothing was expected of him and was written off before he even started. Has dealt with Senna thanks to being the main beneficiary of new upgrades.

21. J. Trulli
Bore the brunt of Lotus' woes but his heart hasn't always looked in it. An experienced driver like him can help the team learn, but you have to wonder whether he will stay for long, especially if Mike Gascoyne were to go

22. P de La Rosa
Is the only driver not to score a point, bar those driving for a new team. Hasn't even looked like he's deserved anything either. A poor year, has 9 races left before retiring again

23. B. Senna
Much more was expected of him, but he isn't Ayrton, nor will he ever be. Deserves his place in the sport but he does need equal machinery and one that is faster than the HRT

24. L di Grassi
Was never standout in GP2 despite being a top driver and his F1 form has been poor, often being close to the HRT's in qualifying despite a superior car (loosely speaking). Mechanical woes have worsened an already difficult situation

25. S. Yamamoto
Obviously last as he had only one race. Qualified and finished last, but lived with Chandhok's pace for most of the race. Later emerged than Chandhok had a problem so it looked less good. Back to third driver duties for Hockenheim, probably.

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by JoostLamers » 15 Jul 2010, 15:53

What a coincidence, in the Dutch F1 magazine was also an halfway report. They said: "Hamilton more experienced in winning than Vettel." Half of the people said Vettel would be WC, other half said Hamilton. Button as a 'sniper' and nothing about Webber.

Maybe it's time to open a poll (maybe in this topic) with who'll be WC..?

Hamilton impressed me most, RBR inconsitent and unreliable, didn't expect Button up here and Ferrari is terrible, Alonso is OK, but Massa is really terrible. Like Schumacher, Rosberg is doing a great job in the Merc. Kubica is a surprise in the Renault
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Re: Half Term Report

Post by R.? » 16 Jul 2010, 10:49

McLaren as a whole impressed me. They have not the fastest car, but with good strategy, good drivers and clever thinking they lead the championship. Red Bull impressed me as being the fastest car of the racetrack, by far. But they haven't shown their real potential in every race, due to bad luck and human errors.

Ferrari are solid, but nothing more than that. They will win races this year, but no championship. Alonso clearly has the highground over Massa. Mercedes are dissapointing. But Rosberg outperformes his car, now and then. Expected more from Schumacher, but I'm sure he'll be back.

One of the suprises is Kubica. He does a very good job in the Renault. Nobody expected it, but he's up there. Like in Monaco. Kobayashi is the other suprise. He made a lot of mistakes early on, and had reliabillity issues, but the scored points in Istanbul, Valencia and Silverstone. With some very soldid drives.

Lotus is the best of the new teams, with Kovalainen on top. He's doing a good job as well. I think they can make a step forward, next year. Virgin has had unreliability problems and are not fast. I think they are the worst of the new teams. Not fast, not reliable. And even a fuel tank that is not big enough. HRT has the reliabilaty, but not the speed. Doubt if they are going to be there next year. Although Senna and Chandhok are both decent drivers.

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by blizzard » 16 Jul 2010, 14:34

1. L. Hamilton
2. N. Rosberg
3. R. Kubica
4. J. Button
5. A Sutil
6. M. Webber
7. R. Barrichello
8. S. Vettel
9. F. Alonso
10. T. Glock
11. K. Kobayashi
12. K. Chandhok
13. V. Liuzzi
14. S. Buemi
15. J. Alguersuari
16. H. Kovalainen
17. J. Trulli
18. N. Hulkenberg
19. M Schumacher
20. P de La Rosa
21. F. Massa
22. B. Senna
23. L di Grassi
24. V. Petrov
25. S. Yamamoto
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Reason: Ordered into how blizzard rates them from 1-25

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by sdutt » 16 Jul 2010, 16:13

I have taken the rating with the car in mind, and the experience of the pdriver involved. Mine are as below
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Jenson Button
3. Mark Webber
4. Robert Kubica
5. Nico Rosberg
6. Heikki Kovalainen
7. Rubens Barrichello
8. Sebastian vettel
9. Fernando Alonso
10. Adrian Sutil
11. Kamui Kobayashi
12. Sebastian Buemi
13. Jamie Alguersuari
14.Timo Glock
15. Felipe Massa
16. Nico Hulkenberg
17. Michael Schumacher
18. Vitaly Petrov
19. Vitantonio Liuzzi
20. Bruno Senna
21. Karun Chandhok
22. Pedro De La Rosa
23. Jarno Trulli
24. Lucas Di Grassi
25. Sakon Yamamoto

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by swca92 » 16 Jul 2010, 16:33

1. Robert Kubica
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Jenson Button
4. Mark Webber
5. Nico Rosberg
6. Fernando Alonso
7. Sebastian Vettel
8. Rubens Barrichello
9. Adrian Sutil
10. Kamui Kobayashi
11. Jaime Alguersuari
12. Vitantonio Liuzzi
13. Sebastien Buemi
14. Heikki Kovalainen
15. Timo Glock
16. Felipe Massa
17. Michael Schumacher
18. Nico Hulkenburg
19. Pedro de la Rosa
20. Vitaly Petrov
21. Bruno Senna
22. Karun Chandhok
23. Lucas Di Grassi
24. Jarno Trulli
25. Sakon Yamamoto

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by Sanredrose » 16 Jul 2010, 19:54

Top 5 Drivers for this Season :-
1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Mark Webber
3. Fernando Alonso
4. Jenson Button
5. Sebastian Vettel

Lewis has shown a lot of maturity this year, coming from behind and beating his teammate to take the lead in Driver's standings. Mark Webber has kicked some ass and his driving in Barcelona - Monte Carlo - Britain showed that he is a real competitor to the title. Alonso - The Spanish Horn ! has been complaining off late but he has been pushing the Ferrari to the limit, which is very clear when you compare him with Massa. Jenson has been a cool customer playing his game very nicely. He has managed to sneak two race wins with help of safety car and good strategy. Barring a good qualifying position and a clean start Seb Vettel has been bit of a jerk ! Pushing this young german into a bad start has always caused misery. He believes he has right of the way and bumps into the car leading him.

6. Robert Kubica
7. Adrian Sutil
8. Nico Rosberg
9. Michael Schumacher
10. Felipe Massa

Rest all the drivers need to up their game ..

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Re: Half Term Report

Post by phil1993 » 17 Jul 2010, 14:56

Here's the voting so far (4 votes)

1. L Hamilton - 99
2. R. Kubica - 93
3. J Button - 91
4. M. Webber - 89
5. N. Rosberg - 85
6. S. Vettel - 76
7. F. Alonso - 74
8. R. Barrichello - 73
9. A. Sutil - 72
10. K. Kobayashi - 62
11. H. Kovalainen - 55
12. J. Alguersuari - 53
13. S. Buemi - 50
14. T. Glock - 46
15. V. Liuzzi - 44
16. M. Schumacher - 40
17. F. Massa - 38
18. N. Hulkenberg - 34
19. K. Chandhok - 29
20. V. Petrov - 25
21. P. de La Rosa - 21
22. J. Trulli - 19
23. B. Senna - 18
24. L. di Grassi - 10
25. S. Yamamoto - 4

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