Which team will score the most podiums/wins (Ren./FI./Mer.)

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Which of the following teams will score the most podiums and wins ?

Force India
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Re: Which team will score the most podiums/wins (Ren./FI./Me

Post by Mitsuro Sano » 18 Jun 2010, 22:02

I'm certainly not a fan of Schumacher but honestly, his European races ( and even Canada ) was quite impressive since the Mercedes is not the best car, maybe even slower than the Renault with Kubica at the wheel. He managed to beat Rosberg on track since Barcelona ( bar Canada ), and Rosberg is a very good driver!
It's too easy to compare Schumi with the other rookies or Kubica. Schumacher never raced since 3 years, and the rules has changed a lot!

With the ban of testing, Schumacher can't be as fast as he was in his Ferrari days, because I believe he was the one that worked the most on the car to fit perfectly to his driving style and to push the car to the ultimum limit. This year, the first F1 car he drives was the new Mercedes, and it was "already" built before the annoucement of Schumacher as the Mercedes driver. Now he can give his feedback for the 2011 car, put that car to his driving style and, with the experience he gain this season, I think he can be a serious contender for the 2011 championship!

But for now I think it's too early to compare Schumi with Alonso, Vettel, Button , Kubica and Hamilton.

Back to this thread, I think Renault ( Kubica I should say ^^ ) will the most podiums ( no wins from Renault, Fifi or Merco I think ).

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