Google Maps/Earth sat. images of circuits!!

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Google Maps/Earth sat. images of circuits!!

Post by iceman1 » 23 Jan 2007, 16:45

I started looking for some circuits on Google Maps, and, IMO, the results are amazing

I'll put all the good high-res links here.
And I'll try to credit them.
I´ll also try to organize links to outlined images of the street and airport circuits.(not me,posted by cawinkler special thank to him) :D

Angola (1)
Luanda (link by gdecarli)

Argentina (9)
Alta Gracia
Bahía Blanca
Buenos Aires (added 08/jul)
General San Martin
La Plata
Madariaga (link by gdecarli)
Mar de Ajo
Tucumán (link by gdecarli)

Australia (33)
Adelaide International Raceway (link by gdecarli)
Adelaide Parklands (added 15/jul, found by BJ, outlined by Nick78 ) see outlined
Calder (added 15/jul, found by crashdave)
Canberra (2000-2002) (added 21/jul, found and outlined by BJ) see outlined
Caversham (1945-1968) (added 17/sep)
Darlington Park (added 22/jul, link by crashdave)
Eastern Creek (link by gdecarli)
Hidden Valley
Melbourne (Albert Park) (found by Rubmifer)
Morgan Park (link by crashdave)
Oran Park Raceway (link by Metzo)
Parramatta City Raceway (Dirt Track), Sydney NSW (added 07/aug, link by crashdave)
Phillip Island (Cowes)
Queensland Raceway (added 15/jul, found by crashdave)
Quit Motorplex (Dirt Track), Kwinana (added 17/sep, link by WestOzRacefan)
Sandown Park (link by PLAYLIFE)
Surfers Paradise Indy Street Circuit (added 15/jul, found by BJ) see outlined
Surfers Paradise Raceway (1965-1987) (added 22/jul, link by crashdave) see outlined
Surfers Paradise Southport Circuit (1954-1955) (added 22/jul) see outlined
Symmons Plains
Victor Harbor (1937) (added 27/oct) see outlined
Wanneroo (Barbagallo) (added 15/jul, found by crashdave)
Warwick Farm (1960-1973) (added 17/sep)
Dirt Tracks:
Bibra Lake Speedway (Dirt Track), Bibra Lake (added 17/sep, link by WestOzRacefan)
Brisbane International Speedway (added 22/jul, link by crashdave)
Bunbury Speedway (Dirt Track), Bunbury (added 17/sep, link by WestOzRacefan)
Ellenbrook Speedway (Dirt Track), Ellenbrook (added 17/sep, link by WestOzRacefan)
Parramatta Park (1952-55, Sidney NSW) (added 08/aug) see outlined
Quit Motorplex (Dirt Track), Kwinana ((added 17/sep, link by WestOzRacefan)
Test Tracks:
Ford Australia Proving Ground (added 07/aug, link by crashdave)
Holden Performance Driving Centre (added 30/aug)

Bahrain (1)
Sakhir (Manama) (link by gdecarli)

Belarus (1)
Borovaya (link by gdecarli)

Belgium (1)
Chimay Street Circuit (link by Metzo)

Bolivia (1)
Pucarani (La Paz) (link by gdecarli)

Brazil (11)
Barra da Tijuca (Rio) / see outlined
Campo Grande
Circuito da Gavea (1936-1949) (added 17/oct) see outlined
Jacarepagua (Rio) (found by lemur)
São Paulo Jardim America (1936) (added 19/oct) see outlined
Vitoria F-Renault street circuit see outlined

Canada (7)
Edmonton City Centre Airport (added 24/jul) see outlined
Mission Raceway Park
Race City (Calgary) (added 12/jul)
Toronto Street Circuit (added 24/jul) see outlined
Vancouver (Pacific Place) (added 12/jul) see outlined
Test Tracks:
PMG Technologies Highspeed-Test Track (Blainville) (added 12/jul)

Chile (5)
Las Vizcachas
San Antonio (Autodromo Pacifico Sport)

China (4)
Beijing (A1GP 2006 Street Circuit) (link by D-M0de) see outlined
Pudong (Shanghai street circuit) (link by gdecarli) see outlined
Shanghai (link by gdecarli) **The circuit is not visible yet at Google Maps, still being built**
Zhuhai (Road Course) (added 25/jul, link by Alex Apple)

Costa Rica (1)
La Guacima (found by Josue)

Czech Republic (2)
Masaryk-Ring (Brno) (added 20/jul)
Brno road circuit (added 20/jul, link by Alex Apple) see outlined: 1930-1948 / 1949-1963 / 1964-1974 / 1975-1986

Denmark (1)
Roskilde (More info and old aerial:,

Estonia (1)
Pirita-Kose-Kloostrimetsa / see outlined

Finland (5)
Eläintarha (Djurgards Park / Helsinki) (1932-1963) (added 28/sep) see outlined
Helsinki (1995-1997) (link by Metzo) see outlined
Kalastajatorppa (1937) (link and outlined by Palle) see outlined
Keimola (1966-1978) (added 20/aug, link by gdecarli)
Munkkiniemi (1932) (link and outlined by Palle) see outlined

France (15)
Bois de Boulogne (1945,1947,1951) (added 04/aug, link by Skapu) Bois-Guyon (Dreux)
see outlined
Bordeaux-Merignac (added 24/aug)
Bretagne (Nantes)
Carole (Tremblay-en-France) (added 11/jul)
Charade (Clermont-Ferrand) (link by student)
Hyères Street Circuit (1951) (link by jpalesi) see outlined
Miramas (link by gdecarli)
Paul Ricard (Le Castellet) (link by gagman)
Perpignan 'Roussillon Grand Prix' circuit (1946-1949) (link by jpalesi) see outlined
Pont l'Evêque (added 24/aug)
Trappes St.-Quentin en Yvelines (added 11/jul)
Test Tracks:
Mortefontaine (CERAM Car Test and Research Center) (link by gdecarli)

Germany (34)
Ahlhorn (1996)
AVUS (link by tommy84 and Alex Apple)
Diepholz (1968-1996) (link by Metzo)
Duisburg Oldtimer (added 09/jul)
Eurospeedway (Lausitzring) (link by tommy84 and lemur)
Frohburg (link by Metzo)
Grenzlandring (1948-1952)
Hannover-Eilenriede (added 07/oct) see outlined
Hannover Maschsee (1949) / see outlined
Hockenheim (link by supernova, chimp and Josue)
Ingolstadt Donauring (link by gdecarli)
Lahr (1996-1998) (link by Metzo)
Mainz-Finthen Airfield (1971-1989) (added 27/jul, link by Alex Apple) see outlined
München-Neubiberg (link and outlined by Davidellias) see outlined
München-Schleissheim (1938) (added 23/oct) see outlined
Norisring (link by Tommy84)
Nurburgring (link by chimp)
Oschersleben (link by gdecarli)
Sachsenring (added 09/jul)
Sachsenring (1927-1972) / see outlined
Schleiz (link by gdecarli)
Siegarland (1980-2000) (link by Metzo)
Singen (Alemannenring) (link by Metzo) see outlined
Solitude (1935-1965) (link and outlined by Crasher) see outlined
Wunstorf (link by Metzo)
Zweinbrücken (1996-1998) (link by Metzo)
Test Tracks
Boxberg (Bosch Proving Ground) (link by gdecarli)
Dudenhofen (Opel Proving Ground, near Dietzenbach) (link by tommy84)
Ehra (Proving Ground) (link by gdecarli)
Groß Dölln (Michelin Driving Center) (link by gdecarli)
München-Aschheim (Proving Ground) (link by gdecarli)
Papenburg (Proving Ground) (link by gdecarli)
Weissach (Porsche Research & Development Centre) (link by gdecarli)

Hungary (3)
Kiskunlacháza Airfield Circuit (added 03/nov) see outlined / see circuit map
Nepliget Park (1936, Budapest) (found and outlined by Facsiga007) see outlined

Indonesia (1)
Sentul (link by robbhp, D-M0de)

Ireland (1)
Phoenix Park (Dublin) (added 05/aug, link by Alex Apple) see outlined

Italy (39)
Balocco (link by gdecarli)
Bologna (1927) (added 19/aug, link by gdecarli) see outlined
Cagliari Street Circuit (2002-2003) (added 31/jul) see outlined
Caserta (1951-1967) (added 19/aug, link by gdecarli) see outlined
Enna Pergusa (link by gdecarli)
Firenze (1937) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Fiorano/Maranello (added 07/jul)
Genova Superba (1937) / see outlined
Lombardore (added 11/jul)
Lucca (1935-1938) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Magione (added 11/jul)
Messina (1953-1956) (added 19/aug) see outlined
Messina - Laghi di Ganzirri (1957?-1958) (added 19/aug, link by gderli) see outlined
Milano Fiera Campionara (1947) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Milano Parco Sempione (1936-37 and 1946) (added 18/oct) 1936-1937 circuit / 1946 circuit
Misano Adriatico (added 11/jul)
Modena (1934-1938) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Modena Aerautodromo (1946-1972) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Mugello (cloudy) (added 07/jul)
Napoli Posillipo (1937-1953) (added 19/oct, link by gdecarli) see outlined
Pescara (1934-1961) (added 06/sep) see outlined
Putignano (1965) (added 19/aug, link by gdecarli)
San Piero a Sieve - Circuito della Fortezza (added 10/aug, link by gdecarli)
San Remo (1937) (added 18/oct) see outlined
San Remo Ospedaletti (1948-1951) (added 18/oct) see outlined
Syracuse (added 11/jul)
Torino Parco del Valentino info about layouts at and
Vallelunga (link by gdecarli)
Varano (added 11/jul)
Test Tracks:
ASC Quattoruote (link by Jarno Zaffelli)
La Mandria Testing Track (added 19/aug, link by gdecarli)
Nardo Proving Ground Speed Bowl (added 07/jul)
Pomezia, Bridgestone Technical Center (link by Jarno Zaffelli)
Pomigliano d'Arco (Alfa Romeo Proving Ground) (added 19/aug, link by gdecarli)
Torino (Iveco Test Track) (added 30/aug)
Torino Lingotto Test Track (link by gdecarli)
Torino Mirafiori Test Track
Vizzola Ticino (Pirelli Test Track) (added (30/aug)

Japan (1)
Test Tracks:

Latvia (1)
Bikernieki (Riga) (link by Dave the Hokie)

Libya (1)
Mellaha Lake (1933-1940) (added 10/sep, link and outlined by gdecarli) see outlined

Luxembourg (1)
Findel (1951-1952) (added 05/nov) see outlined

Macau (1)
Circuito Da Guia (added 25/jul, link and outlined by Alex Apple) see outlined

Malaysia (2)
Sepang (link by gdecarli)
Shah Alam (1985-2003) (found by Alex Apple)

Mexico (2)
Fundidora Park, Monterrey (found by Metzo)
Mexico City (Circuito Hermanos Ricardo y Pedro Rodriguez) (link by gdecarli)

Monaco (1)
Monte Carlo (link by Tommy84) see outlined

Morroco (1)
Ain Diab (1952-1958) (link/pointer by gdecarli) Pointer shows start/finish line position see outlined

Mozambique (1)
Autodromo ATCM - Lourenço Marques - Maputo (link by gdecarli)

Netherlands (7)
Assen (link by Bleu)
Eemshaven (link by gdecarli) see outlined
Oss (Vorstengrafdonk Circuit) / see outlined
Tolbert (link by gdecarli) see outlined
Zandvoort (link by Tommy84)
Testing Tracks:
Lelystad (RDW Testcentre) (link by gdecarli)
St. Oedenrode (DAF Proving Grounds) (link by gdecarli)

New Zealand (4)
Dunedin Street Circuit (found by SandyK)
Pukekohe (added 17/jul, found by BJ)
Ruapuna (found by SandyK)
Teretonga (found by SandyK)

Portugal (5)
Braga (added 12/jul)
Cascais (1961-1966) (added 20/jul) see outlined
Monsanto Park (1953-59) / Montes Claros (1961-71) (added 06/sep) see outlined
Oporto (1952-1960) (added 20/jul) see outlined

Puerto Rico (1)
Ponce (link by Ferrari fan778)

Qatar (1)
Losail (link by gdecarli)

Romania (2)
Bucharest (FIA GT 2006) (link and outlined by robbhp) see outlined
Bucharest (1937/1939) / see outlined

Russia (2)
Myachkovo/Moscowring (added 17/jul, link by Orekhov) see outlined
Nevskoye Koltso (link by Ferrari fan778)

Senegal (2)
Dakar 6 hours 2005 (link and outlined by Yaamboo) see outlined
Dakar 6 hours 2006 (link and outlined by Yaamboo) see outlined

Singapore (1)
Thompson Road (link by speedway) see outlined

South Africa (9)
Aldo Scribante (link by gdecarli)
Durban GP2 proposal (found and outlined by Alex Apple) see outlined
East London (link by gdecarli)
East London Prince George Circuit / see 1934 outlined / see 1936-39 outlined
East London Esplanade Circuit (1957-1959) / see outlined
Killarney (added 15/aug, link by Alex Apple)
Kyalami (link by gdecarli)
Midvaal (Rack-Rite Raceway)
Zwartkops (link by gdecarli)

South Korea (1)
Changwon (link by Metzo)

Spain (14)
Albacete (added 09/jul)
Bilbao (added 10/sep, link and outlined by Alex Apple) see outlined
Calafat (added 12/aug)
Catalunya (Barcelona/Montmeló)
La Torrica (added 12/aug)
Parque Montjuïc (1933-1986) (added 17/jul, link by Alex Apple) see outlined
Pedralbes GP Circuit (1950-1955) (added 12/aug) see outlined
Sitges-Terramar (1923) (link by gdecarli)
Toledo (1983-1985) (link by gdecarli)
Valencia (added 09/jul, link by [MeTHoDZ])
S'Arenal (Circuit de Mallorca/Llucmajor) (added 12/aug)

Sweden (1)
Sturup Raceway (added 10/aug)

Switzerland (1)
Bremgarten (link by gdecarli) see outlined

Turkey (0)
Istambul (according to these pictures, this must be the exact location)

UK (16)
Aintree (1954-1964) (link by gdecarli)
Birmingham Super Prix (1986-1990)
Birmingham Wheels Park (link by BigTallGuy)
Brands Hatch (link by gdecarli)
Brooklands (1907-1939)
Crystal Palace (1937-1972) / see outlined
Donington Park (link by Tommy84)
Ingliston (1965-1995) (added 27/jul, link by Alex Apple)
Lydden Hill (added 21/jul, link by Alex Apple)
Rockingham (link by IceMan)
Test Tracks:
Hethel (Lotus Test Track) (added 30/aug)
Millbrook Proving Ground (link by Dan)
Top Gear Test Track

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Post by suomiflower » 28 Jan 2007, 21:55

Wow what a great idea! I also have google earth and looked for some circuits but I haven´t found many! So thank you iceman! I didn´t know that we have so many circuits in Germany!

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Post by _*kimi-Iku*_ » 28 Jan 2007, 23:45

Yes.. it's very good information!!! I don't know that there are so many circuits in Spain either... Thank you very much! [Spanish & English Kimi Forum]*
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Post by nelmesy16 » 29 Jan 2007, 01:00

thanku iceman! and u see under australia tracks theres a track called surfers paradise southport circuit its a street race and i live in the track!

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Post by ceren_raikkonen » 26 Feb 2007, 11:54

thnx 4 all pics!!
(and it is not istaMbul true is istaNbul;) )

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Post by ferrarigr » 21 Mar 2007, 07:42

Very good information...thank you very much

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Post by shadow_girl26 » 02 Apr 2007, 00:26

Wowwww is excellent.... thanks for the information.... :D


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Post by gutobr » 02 Apr 2007, 01:32

Very good job! =D> Thanks a lot!

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Post by luca15mx » 11 May 2007, 17:23

Amazin.... i ha vo words to describe his very best post!!!

Tanks Iaceman1 :cheesy:

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Post by Bowsey » 11 May 2007, 18:25

Thanks a lot, lots of detail, but some of them are old,(old circuit configuration) like nurbugring, Google needs to update maps

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Post by dino_besen » 12 May 2007, 06:53

Made by me ... using Google map(s)

Old (and new :? ) Nurburgring

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Post by dino_besen » 12 May 2007, 06:54

Spa Old Vs. New ... notice sizes of those two ... Nurburgring and Spa 8)


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Post by hojsgaard » 13 May 2007, 07:17

I like to also send a link to the old F1-circuit in Sweden Andertorp.
Detail could be better... ... &t=k&hl=en

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Post by [FIN]SpeedFreak » 15 May 2007, 17:10

Nivelles-Baulers in Belgium: ... &z=15&om=1
That circuit isn't no longer operational.

Fuji's old gonfiguration quite bad quality, but it is it: ... &z=14&om=1

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Post by juju7438 » 20 May 2007, 20:02

that's cool to can see these tracks with this point of view. thank you for all !

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