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Re: Mad Max on the rampage again

Posted: 18 Oct 2008, 08:51
by Sanredrose

Checkout this article. This shows some insight on how to improve overtaking and make F1 an interesting sport. They have clearly explained as to why a car cannot follow another car closely in a race. They have a new suggestion in place to improve that. This kind of co-operation with the top teams, driver feedback should be used to make overtaking possible. I think this is the way to make the sport more interesting. Why should FIA be concerned about engine standardization ? If a team wants to spend 100 million and develop an engine, let them do it. By cutting on someone's budget are they going to make Force India occupy the front row of the grid ? Its not going to happen, immaterial of whatever budget cap or rules you bring the current top teams will continue to dominate.

So Mr Mad Max, please take a long vacation every year from March 1st a Nov 30th. Once the season has ended come to your job and do something else useful. A fund raising campaign for an orphanage ? That would be nice !!

Re: Mad Max on the rampage again

Posted: 05 Nov 2008, 15:38
by koinek
I cannot believe this stuff. Ferrari is totally correct to threaten quitting the sport. I will stop watching F1 if it goes to standardized engines and I hope others will too. Maybe that will send a clear enough message.

Max and Bernie are getting far too old and need to be let go of. They are causing more harm then good nowadays.

Re: Mad Max on the rampage again

Posted: 06 Nov 2008, 07:07
by petermrry
swca92 - don't they have a 24 hour lawnmower race on your side of the pond... somewhere in Yorkshire I believe. Seemes like a pretty untainted event and a load of fun. Hopefully Mr Moseley doesn't get wind of it and slap on a list of regulations !!!