World series at silverstone 08<< My pics *PICTURES UP*

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World series at silverstone 08<< My pics *PICTURES UP*

Post by mikhailv » 10 Jul 2008, 22:20

I took about... 50-60 pictures from silverstone of the various cars what was on show. ranging from the clio cup cars, the formula's and f1 07 car with the engine/exhaust exposed and the brakes exposed, Megane safety car along with some other neat little tidbits.

Ill be uploading in the next day or so for those who wish to view them.

Pictures were took on my 5 meg pix LG Viewty. So, i dont know how the transfer to the PC, but they look pretty damn good.

Figured id give a heads up for those interested!


Sorry it took so very long, the memory card went screw up. I also have a video of one of the Formula 2.5 cars going through the first corner, cept it took the video in 120fps, so its really slow motion.

Oh quick question, how do i get to do the embedd thumbnail thing?
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Re: World series at silverstone 08<< My pics

Post by sunsurf » 07 Aug 2008, 07:58

thet's interessting,we're waiting,thanks.

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