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 Post subject: how do they socialize?
PostPosted: 09 Feb 2008, 19:16  
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ok, general question...
i've seen numerous pictures/videos of let's say Alonso talking and joking w/ Kubica... Alonso fighting backstage w/ Massa, & so on, so on...
I guess my question is: which driver socializes w/ whom?
naturally - they race against each other - but leaving race track behind and going backstage during lunchtime... Alonso/Kubica? What about team mates f.ex. Massa/Raikkonen relations? Webber vs. DC?
what about younger drivers vs. older? For example: media says there is a feud between Heidfeld and Kubica... they clashed on a track more than once... and yet there are videos of both of them joking, singing and having fun... Webber/DC again??

what about younger drivers vs. each other? Rosberg/Kubica/Hamilton/Kovalainen? I know they show midlle finger sometimes... but what else?

just curious...

and PLEASE DO NOT BRING Hamilton/Alonso relations here. I am sick and tired of that.
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 Post subject: Re: how do they socialize?
PostPosted: 09 Feb 2008, 19:50  
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Heh, driver relationships are pretty interesting to look at. Usually there's some tension between teammates as your teammate is the one you must beat first. Therefore, as you might have noticed from their comments to the press, Massa/Räikkönen and Webber/DC aren't really the best friends with each other, but it hasn't got too bad either.

As you said, Alonso gets along with Kubica quite well and I've noticed that he's friends with Kovalainen and Webber too. Hamilton and Massa seemed to laugh together many times last season. They probably found some connection between them as they both were the so-called "second" drivers at the start of the season, but they found themselves challenging for the championship very soon.

As for the rest, I have no idea. In the end they're all competing against each other, but some drivers are more fierce against others etc, probably because of what has happened on the track.

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 Post subject: Re: how do they socialize?
PostPosted: 11 Feb 2008, 00:28  
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Alonso is best buddies with Trulli. They are so good friends that they see each other outside the races as well. On track he's good friends with Webber and Kubica, and I've seen him joke around with Kimi and Jenson Button too.

Massa and Hamilton also seem to get along like a house on fire. For the rest it's a bit difficult to know partly because they don't get photographed/filmed as often as the big guys, I think.

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