Ferrari's sponsors?

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Re: Ferrari's sponsors?

Post by Zack » 15 Mar 2008, 15:20

lynamcool wrote:is tha the new livery of the car without the barcode?

No new livery just new sposnor ^^^ read above posts.New place Marlboro barcode is engine cover :nosweat:
But surely plain red front side of rear wings looks awesome :cool:
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Re: Ferrari's sponsors?

Post by dn2shmb » 16 Mar 2008, 01:28

Yea its not the first time the hidden meaning advertising has been done in F1 there was an older car that had letters missing cant remember which team and brand. And quite a few teams have lost cig sponsors, (renault mild seven, honda lucky strike)

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Re: Ferrari's sponsors?

Post by weswhise » 16 Mar 2008, 03:26

Jordan F1 would remove letters from "Benson & Hedges" to read Be on edge.

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