Mclaren Appeal ..

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Mclaren Appeal ..

Post by lmcsp » 31 Oct 2007, 02:41

I dont know what all you guys think, but is this all a little silly .. I mean :

Does Mclaren really feel "just" appealing such a case, whereas they, simply, cannot prove that the BMWs and Williams were in the wrong? considering that they were caught red-handed using above their quota of tyres and not being penalized, other than, a small fine?

Again, we should all remember that in that whole spy debacle it was the team not the drivers that were penalized, so what have they got to gain?

Please someone set me straight, as I really do not understand why they would be doing such a thing, as, regardless, either way Kimi will remain champion - surely .. Also, not even taking into account the uproar that it would cause, considering mclaren have been terribly naughty this past season and gotten off imho pretty bloody lightly ..

Thoughts please? as I am nearly at the end of my tether with all of this rubbish going on ..

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Re: Mclaren Appeal ..

Post by kimifan1 » 31 Oct 2007, 22:27

i am a strong kimi fan.i finally get to see him take wdc.ron dennis prtoge,whom he spent alot of money on trough out the years dont wont him to lose.and we all know bernie said kimi and alonso or not worthing champions.i guess it is a british thing.but no matters what happens kimi s still 2007 wdc.

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