Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

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Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

Post by WDC » 23 Oct 2007, 10:25

Alonso hits out at McLaren
Tuesday, 23 October 2007
Fernando Alonso has launched another critical attack on McLaren after missing out on a third consecutive Formula One world title.

In a dramatic conclusion to the season, Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen won the championship by a point from Lewis Hamilton and Alonso at Sunday's Brazilian Grand Prix.

In the immediate aftermath the 26-year-old offered a reasonably considered view on his season in which he has often been at war with boss Ron Dennis and Hamilton.

But speaking to Spanish radio station Cadena Sur, Alonso could not hide his true feelings, and rounded on the team again for their failure to support him.

"McLaren got it wrong. They lost the championship for the mistaken decisions they made in the second part of the season," insisted Alonso.

"It isn't a secret that they haven't helped me much, and it wasn't a well-organised season from the point of view of the management.

"There was no sensation of being a team and the result speaks for itself.

"Each person will have to draw their own lessons from this season, but if we had taken a different approach we would have obtained different results."

Alonso is again referring to the fact he should have been made number one driver above Hamilton.

On the morning of the Hungarian Grand Prix he threatened Dennis with divulging the contents of his email inbox to the FIA in relation to the spy saga unless he was granted number one status.

It resulted in a furious row between Alonso and Dennis, with the latter conceding at the hearing of the spy case towards the end of last month they were no longer on speaking terms.

Dennis then stated after the Chinese Grand Prix a fortnight ago in which Hamilton slid into gravel on severely-worn tyres that the team were not competing against Raikkonen, but against Alonso.

"What the boss said after China about the team racing against me and not Kimi was a clear declaration of intentions," he said.

"In the last few races my hands and feet were tied. I had no power to make decisions. I had to race as they told me.

"McLaren lost and Ferrari did a better job than anyone else."

Dennis has revealed that confirmation of his driver line-up will be confirmed within the next two weeks, and not for the first time Alonso appears to have burned his bridges.

His only escape route appears to be a return to Renault, who made him champion in 2005 and 2006.

However, Alonso added: "The only reality is I'm under contract to McLaren.

"I know there are a lot of rumours, but I haven't spoken to another team, and that's the reality."

Surprisingly, asked as to whether Renault would be his number one option should he leave McLaren, he replied: "No. Right now I'd say no." ... ay&id=1759

theres a bit of new information i didnt know!
im seriously confused as to where alonso might go next year!
Thankyou Schumi you will always have a place in our hearts!
Michael Schumacher- 7 volte Campione del mondo!


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Re: Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

Post by jana7i » 24 Oct 2007, 10:55

alonso lost the title in hungary, after what he did in Q3.
if he just toke it easy and didnt delay hamilton in Q3, he would have been champion 2005, 2006, 2007

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Re: Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

Post by martinez » 27 Oct 2007, 20:20

i dont think alonso can blame the team for biased and more support to hamilton if they finished on the same points... :( :( :(
Martinez 10

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Re: Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

Post by MikaOwns » 29 Oct 2007, 01:55

jana7i wrote:alonso lost the title in hungary, after what he did in Q3.
if he just toke it easy and didnt delay hamilton in Q3, he would have been champion 2005, 2006, 2007

seriously, he should of really stalled it :p

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Re: Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!! Senna forever!

Post by beckx » 29 Oct 2007, 10:39

Hi there,

I absolutely agree with "martinez": how can Alonso make one statement about Hamilton being favored? Ending with the same amount of points ???
Just look at the overview of the whole season, and you will see that Alonso got just as much opportunities as H. And he made errors, just as H did, that is why neither of them got the title.

A few years ago, I thought to myself that Alonso would be the new Ayrton Senna, but now he sank much lower in my ranking...
Even though Raikkonen has the title now, I miss too much of "aura" with him, to become a new Senna.
Let's wait for Hamilton to confirm next year (I am convinced he will...)

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Re: Alonso Vs Mclaren attacks!!!

Post by McLaren-Mercedes » 29 Oct 2007, 23:59

I hope that he will leave McLaren in the next weeks. At the beginning of the season I liked him, but since the USA GP I just hate him.
His problem is that he doesn't accept equal treatment inside the team, he wants to be the #1 driver even if he is the slower one.
In my opinion he simply doesn't deserve to be in such a good team like McLaren.
I hope that he goes back to renault for 2008 and also that he has a bad season there with a slow car and a strong teammate like kovalainen who beats him at every race.
It would be very interesting to see what he will say to the media ^cool^

PS: I think the ideal successor for Alonso at McLaren would be Rosberg :)

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