Hamilton Family's big mouth...

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Re: Hamilton Family's big mouth...

Post by crazr » 02 Oct 2007, 19:15

Dark_Fisico wrote:
lmcsp wrote:Hehe, it does make me chuckle - and actually helps me prove a point, but ..

This whole season, hamilton and Mclaren have been quite vocal that "there is no favoritism within our team blah blah .. everything is equal blah blah .. our drivers get no preference blah blah"


hamilton goes on record that he wants Alonso out - and to have full rein with the team with #1 status!!!

Who writes this stuff? Theyre really making themselves look like hypocrites!! - and, to-wit, lying to the media, fans, etc about their integrity and backing Alonso ..

Below: This is a 3D model that I have been working on for about 20 months - I will not be finishing it .. now
Image Image

Not only that EVERYTHING Hamilton seemed to say this weekend was childish and moany... He's even said in interviews now he is the prefered driver and McLaren are behind him :( so much for fair driver status Lewis then ain't it...

If anything its his gob that has annoyed me most... I will never disagree he's a good driver, and all drivers have their bad points (Senna was a little over emotional, Kimi a little under emotional, Fisico is a bit of a push over, Trulli is well Trulli :p ) but I've NEVER heard them come out with some of the c**p he has... Never have I heard someone saying anything like 'Senna is looking over me' why would he??? Senna KNEW you had to start from the bottom and work up hence why he didn't join a top team in his first year (and he bloody well could have) he would have had no interest in anyone that got the WDC this way... And how DARE he say that the GP2 drivers aren't up to standard... They are doing their jobs, winning races, staying on track, DRIVING... Who gave him the right to say ANYTHING about any of them...

Please, if you don't finish the 3D McLaren, then how will the Ferrari beat it on track?

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