F1 Drivers Salary

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Re: F1 Drivers Salary

Post by ferrarifanman » 04 Sep 2007, 11:39

Some people really are overpaid on that list. Kimi and Ralf being great examples. Ah, What happens on track means more then cash :lol:

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Silver Shadow
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Re: F1 Drivers Salary

Post by Silver Shadow » 05 Sep 2007, 23:30

I don't think it's just about the performance of the driver, but also the amount of sponsorship money a team can rake in because of a certain driver. Ralf Schumacher carries the Schumacher last name. Kimi Raikkonen's amazing performance in 2005 and nearly becoming champion in 2003 is telling of his potential, and the big sponsors dig big money for big performers.

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