What were Massa and Alonso saying?

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Re: What were Massa and Alonso saying?

Post by nelmesy16 » 29 Jul 2007, 05:48

SHINLAZER wrote:Well Guys, you can see the Replay, is more than clear that Felipe Hits Alonso... There´s no Space to Discuss Who was Guilty...
Felipe Massa sometimes when he tries to be Agressive, just make a mistake, Just Look in Malaysian GP this year and this race, he need get better in that, and Fernando Alonso Have To learn when someone Beats Him and accept that...

And about that conversation... Probably they will apologyze anytime soon...

i agree with u! but i think massa was just trying to have position so he could still lead! and when i look at it alonso had enough room as he desided to go around him the hard way.

oh and yes they did apoligize after the press confrence!

http://f1.gpupdate.net/en/news/2007/07/ ... -to-massa/

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Re: What were Massa and Alonso saying?

Post by jad_icekimi » 29 Jul 2007, 22:43

i dont think massa meant what he did he was tryin to have a turn then alonso comes by :)


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Re: What were Massa and Alonso saying?

Post by devereux » 30 Jul 2007, 05:58

alonso was in front by the end of the corner, and its plain to see on the replay that massa could see alonso. Then massa just nudged him. i dont even think schuey would have done that.

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Re: What were Massa and Alonso saying?

Post by dacer » 30 Jul 2007, 07:16

ferrarifanman wrote:Alonso is well known for his dirty on track behavior. I remember a few instances last year.

I remember him sulking a few times when he didn't win this year and he sulked heavily on the podium. Sore loser. Waste of space. At least Lewis doesn't have a attitude that stinks.

Nice win McLaren once again your credibility goes down another notch in the F1 world... :arrowd:

Ferrari will not win any championship while alonso is on f1.

Unless, if alonso go to ferrari then sure ferrari win. But in this case, Kimi, has to go to another car, and Massa, will die with alonso with teammate. So he had to be more carefull.

If Ferrari+Shumi didn't beat Alonso, then there are no other driver that can do it, and Massa is not enought.

Ahhh, and you remember Alonso winning championship, even fighting with Ferrari-FIA

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Re: What were Massa and Alonso saying?

Post by dazmoffman » 30 Jul 2007, 17:30

iceman1 wrote:Alonso: "You broke my sidepod there..., go and have a look at it!"
Massa: "Go F**k yourself! You've won and you say something like this, assh**e, you win and say something like this."
Alonso: "I fought with Heidfeld, i fought with everyone, but you can't do that."
Massa: (Touching Alonso) "Try to learn something"
Alonso: "You try to learn something"
Massa: "Try to learn something!"
Alonso: "Try to learn something, i fought with all the world today, and with 3 laps to go, we touch!"
Massa: (sitting on his chair) "Good job!"
Alonso: "Good job!"
Massa: (Standing up, sarcastic tone) "I did that on purpose, like i did that on porpuse in Barcelona!"
Alonso: "Ok, ok..."
Massa: (Touching Alonso) "Try to learn something"
Massa: (Looking to someone who invite him to relax) "That's him!"
Fia official: "Quite"

Thats made things even more exciting once these two stepped out of their cars, when you see this pair in hungary this week i will now pay closer attention to see how they react to one another on the track this could start abit of bitter rivalry between the pair.

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