Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

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Re: Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

Post by ntr » 25 Jul 2007, 14:09

the rulebook says that breakdown vehicles can only move the car when the driver has agreed that he will not return to the track (refer to 6.1 of appendix h http://www.fia.com/resources/documents/ ... ix_H_a.pdf )

6.1 If a car stops
If a car stops on the course, or leaves the track, the fi rst duty
of the course marshals in that sector is to take it to a place of
No driver has the right to refuse to allow his car to be taken off
the track, he must do everything he can to help and obey the
marshals’ instructions. Once the car is in a place of safety the
driver may, if the specifi c regulations of the event permit, work
on it in order to re-start. In such cases other means, such as
breakdown vehicles, cranes, etc. should not be brought into
action until the driver has made it clear that he will not continue.

It is desirable that the driver stays near his vehicle until the end
of the race or at least informs the post chief how his car may be
lifted, or towed back to the pits.

lewis should have known the rules, mclaren should have known what to tell lewis on the radio and the marshalls should have told lewis to get out...why did no one do anything correctly?

funny how neither itv commentator mentioned any idea that craning lewis out of the gravel would be illegal, in fact they praised lewis' attitude and spirit saying something like 'all that time he never wanted to retire..he kept his engine on'...

mm tofu

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Re: Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

Post by lmcsp » 26 Jul 2007, 11:59

Hmm, this is a silly one as I feel that alot of the comments I have read [not just here] are targeting issues other than safety .. but at the end of the day it just means that now, when ever ANYONE goes off track into the gravel, all they have to do is keep the ol' engine running and ask the marshals to put them back on track. [which I am sure will never happen] Essentially it is the same to put the car on the back of a towtruck and drive them to the finish .. It has set a very unfair and unreasonable precedent.

Oh, I also note, that not only was he lifted back onto the track, albeit, not under his own stead, he was also aloud to unlap himself - very very unusual

remember Montoya having to run and get the jack in the pits last year

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Re: Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

Post by Dark_Fisico » 26 Jul 2007, 17:29

I don't agree with it... A lot of drivers keep the engine going when they go off but just keep it going long enough to tell the team what happened and get back out of the car... Fair is fair, they went off into the gravel and weren't able to get out therefore it ends their race... I bet if it was anyone but Hamilton they would have been black flagged...

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Re: Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

Post by z06_23_45 » 08 Aug 2007, 01:55

Even after this, there are still many people who still believe Hamilton doesn't receive preferential treatment. &doh &doh

Hello people! Wake up.

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Re: Hamilton returns to the track thanks to breakdown truck

Post by roger » 09 Aug 2007, 10:04

i just thought that the whole incident was quite funny .. esp the aquaplanning

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