"Prost Warns McLaren Over Tactics"

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Post by dacer » 21 Jun 2007, 08:00

iceman1 wrote:Alonso just been quoted that he thinks Mclaren is favouring Hamilton and that he was lucky to win the Canadian Grand Prix.Talk about sour grapes Alonso made mistakes twice taking the 1st turn wide and losing places.Hamilton pulled out a lead that was shortened each time the saftey car came out only to pull away from the field each time.Hamilton again drove a flawless race.I hope he wins the championship and put Alonso in his place, behind him.

Look, Kimi, he was behind Alonso, and he lost 2 places. Outside of 1st turn was the bad side. He goes out, but did you see how he reentry to the track? HM did a very bad start, and Alonso can not go behind HM, he had to go outside.

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Post by reyhan » 21 Jun 2007, 09:13

maltafan wrote:
reyhan wrote:And what realy matters to Ronn is that Mclaren is leading 1-2 in drivers championship, leads the constructors, hes a perfect reliebility, perfect speed, perfect drivers and at the end the only think that matters is a title, they finisshed all races in points so far, how perfect is that
McLaren got 106 points out of a possbile 126, and that is great.

That's what I'm talking about, let the press talk we are doing great anyway
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