Indy GP

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Should Indy stay on the F1 calendar?

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Re: Indy GP

Post by iceman1 » 12 Jul 2007, 20:32

Bowsey wrote:
iceman1 wrote:It is possible there will be a USGP somewhere else?

Hopefully. I hope they have a wide street circuit. Something where overtaking is possible, but with the street circuit environment. That would be cool !cool!!!!

Maybe in Las vegas but the hard question is when?

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Super Aguri
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Re: Indy GP

Post by Super Aguri » 14 Jul 2007, 13:05

If I remember correctly Bernie wasnt at the French GP because he was seeing a FOB (Friend of Bernie) to get a deal at Las Vegas.

Indy was a great track too.

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Re: Indy GP

Post by reyhan » 15 Jul 2007, 10:48

I won't miss Indy at all, there are much better circuiits in US than Indy, this proves that F1 today is so strong that it don't need US at all, US needs F1 more than the other way round
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Re: Indy GP

Post by phillyred79 » 16 Jul 2007, 15:10

Scrap Indy and move to Laguna Seca!! Much better track! If they can pony up the accommodations for F1 elitist nature then they will have one AWESOME race.

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