Alonso's Favouritism claims

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Does Mclaren Favour One of their drivers more

Yes - Alonso
Yes - Lewis
Total votes: 16

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Post by kamikatze » 18 Jun 2007, 09:59

McLaren wants win the first and the second places, and perhaps done preferential treatment to Hamilton because Hamilton is Britanic like McLaren, but that doesn't mean that Fernando gives bad treatment, its very difficult for McLaren, chose a good resolution. The best thing for F1 its that the two pilots will run in the differents teams... like Raikkonen and Masa. In this week-end i saw Hamilton vs Alonso and Masa vs Raikonnen and certanly i prefer McLren vs Ferrari or the other team....

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Post by Dark_Fisico » 18 Jun 2007, 10:08


I think ALONSO is getting the preferential treatment!! That's my lone vote up there!! :cheesy:
This article from makes a terrific point:

I missed you to Banana :mrgreen:...
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Post by WOT Now » 18 Jun 2007, 15:48



McLaren are doing their PR best to dispell any notion of internal dissent with these huggie bear photo-ops but Alonso's expressions can't hide what he's feeling and the Whitmarsh statements about Alonso's swerving towards the pit wall to indicate "WTF are you doing letting a rookie have equal standing to me - the guy who is giving you the experienced driver technical feedback for car development - is that how you want to play it ?" confirm the 2 time WDC's dismay at the lack of respect for his experience that he brings to the team.

I suspect Alonso has 1 race test to sandbag to get the message across, since Ferrari are 1 test minimum away from developing a countermeasure catch up component aerodynamically (likely to simulate the same effect as the Macca's front wing bridge element but in a Ferrari way - since their nose is not as low as the MP4-22's).

McLaren is not going to win on Lewis' driving alone because he frankly has zero input feedback experience on what it takes to help develop a WDC caliber car.

Ronspeak has a tightrope to walk - appease the UK press and fans on Lewis-mania but not piss off the hand that feeds him in Alonso.

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Post by WDC » 19 Jun 2007, 02:22

can some one tell me why alonso's and hamilton's overalls are different colours...
not so much in the pic above but did you see the press conference... i dont think break dust would have made that big a difference and not on so much of the overalls. only a small bit at the top...
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Post by Bowsey » 20 Jun 2007, 12:56

Alonso now says the team do not favour either driver and is happy with the team, look

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Fernando Alonso claims tensions within the McLaren team have eased since he aired his grievances before the US GP.

Spain's reigning F1 champion claimed McLaren were favouring homegrown talent Lewis Hamilton, but boss Ron Dennis insisted they were treated as equals.

Alonso told Spanish radio station Cadena Ser: "Since then, the team have taken more care in the details.

"They are showing more manners and in the last race, all the team showed a genuine happiness for both drivers."

Alonso trails rookie sensation Hamilton by 10 points in the title race and has finished second behind the Briton in the last two Grands Prix.

But he is confident he can successfully defend his world title as the F1 season enters its run of European races.

"Now my world championship really begins," he said.

"France, Great Britain, Germany and Hungary are races that I like and that I have won at some point.

"I'm confident that things will once again go well for me. I feel more comfortable in the car and everything is going better.

"We are better than two weeks ago. We are showing a great reliability, the cars are fast and both drivers can fight for victory or the podium."

Alonso added he is not upset that McLaren share his telemetry data with Hamilton.

"He gets my data but I also get his data," he said. "However, the one that gets the car ready on a Friday is me."

Probably all to get the team and press on his side

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