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Posted: 10 Jun 2007, 12:19
by Dark_Fisico
Villneuve is always around SOMEWHERE making critisms about SOMEONE :lol:...

No matter how strange his views are people are going to 1.Talk to him and 2. Listen because he DID win a championship... So he's always going to be apart of F1...

But as I said he's always blabbering on about the current drivers... Just because we don't hear him doesn't mean he's not there :mrgreen: :P...

Posted: 10 Jun 2007, 20:05
by Azriphale
Hamilton might do those "chopping moves", but he is a damn good driver...

Posted: 10 Jun 2007, 21:53
by dan s
To be fair he has a point but the kid is hungry, this shows on the track epecially at the start-line. I also think Hamilton will have a bad crash this year, perhaps this is overly harsh but i think it would bring him back to earth, make him settled and eventually make him a better driver (if thats possible :D )

Posted: 14 Jun 2007, 16:19
by megasyxx
Bowsey wrote:Its Jacques Villeneuve for goodness sake, he always says stuff like this, He can never compliment someone, he's always on the attack, he critices everyone when he can

yeah....he really has a big mouth

Posted: 15 Jun 2007, 09:19
by lucian
He said about Raikkonen that he's overrated. Maybe he was right in a way, or Kimi can't get used to the new car at all. Now I'm starting to believe he's not going to improve at all until it's too late. Anyway, if he doesn't do such a big deal this season, I won't forget how long it took Massa to finish a race without spinning last year. The Ferraris might be somewhat more special than other cars because of Schumacher's influence.

Posted: 15 Jun 2007, 10:05
by WDC
this 'chopping' thing... i dont see a problem with defending your line into the first corner, track position is vital! why would you allow it to be taken so easily!

the rules are clear, no more than 1 line change... so, the problem is...?

Posted: 16 Jun 2007, 23:13
by merce55
although im canadian, not a big fan of JV, him and his father and very different personalities

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 08:48
by veecee
Jacques just likes to talk since he can no longer "walk the walk". I used to like Jacque and was so keen for him to do well when he scored a drive with Renault for a couple of races. I don't have so much respect for him anymore especially after the Hamilton swipe.

Posted: 17 Jun 2007, 21:32
by ODDBA11
hes a dickhead, i HATE the guy. i started watching f1 fully in 1999 so ive seen nothing but c**p driving from him, if he hadnt won a world championship before he would have been booted out along with pollock. What right does he have to criticise ANYONE. even if he speaks the truth hes still a t***! :evil: