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***Official Spanish GP Thread***

Posted: 27 Apr 2007, 21:27
by iceman1

there is an important event on the arena Catalonia this year is a change in the course of the circuit to introduce a kind of excitement to the ring to open the door of a waiver of the drivers as much as possible

Laps 66
Circuit length 4.63 km (2.88 miles)
Race length 305.26 km (189.68 miles)
Most wins by single driver Michael Schumacher
Most wins by single constructor Ferrari (9)

I hope to see rain and crashes to make this race as eventful as possible..

Could Ferrari look like this? Notice the McLaren like nose and Viking horns. :?:

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 06:34
by nelmesy16
yea i think ferrari could look like that! and when was that pic taken?

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 06:45
by iceman1
@nelmesy16: not real just photoshoped
Now, if Ferrari do introduce them, and I don't know if they will, all the McLaren people will cry foul that Ferrari copied them. :D

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 06:59
by nelmesy16
yea but when u see everyone elses front wing they all look a little bit the same anyway! i wonder is ferrari have found even more time? i hope they wont be even quicker then before lol :lol:

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 12:28
by maltafan
teams hace a whole month to try and improve their cars and I'm sure all do the most of it. So I m expecting improvements from all teams

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 12:33
by Super Aguri
The teams test there all the time. Look at the places from 1st to 2nd and the time difference spread through the teams on the result pages. I expect this will be a non-eventful GP.

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 12:39
by nelmesy16
i think it will be! and we could exspect some rain this race weekend :| :?

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 13:45
by gofaster
With how much testing the teams do there it will be one of those un-eventful races...unfortunately.

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 15:52
by maltafan
you can never tell.

Would be enough to see one of the big guns, starting from the rear and climbing positions during the race, be it whoever it is.

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 17:24
by formulaonemadman
im looking forward to seeong what drivers think of the new corner in turms of overtaking :?:

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 17:32
by theo
yep, me to

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 17:53
by danny87
Another borefest

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 19:18
by chet
This race could see ALOT of big changes.

The underfloor regs have been altered massivley, so much so that Chassis's may have to be re-designed.

The stress test has been quadupled :o could massivley change the order.

Plus Honda is introducing the first of its major steps ;)

But dont forget other teams will be introducing major upgrades too :)

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 19:56
by ntr
lol why would the ferrari look like that :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: 28 Apr 2007, 20:39
by mschumi
Hmm, Spain...Alonso's home wich won last year, and comes here for another one...

Starting with honda, i don't think they will improve too much, they now of their lack of pace since winter testing and done nothing, and i dont think that they could do much in 4 weeks of brake...and with only 2 weeks left, they got to rush.

Ferrari and McLaren, will battle out, again, Alonso should be faster at this track than his team mate, but i still think that Ferrari will win.

Sauber? Well, the best place they could get to is p3 (with heidfeld).

Honda will still battle out with the Aguri's, spykers and torro rosso.

Redbull will outpace both Toyota and Williams, but both will break down due to the renault engine

Toyota will be once again be slower than williams...

The first DNF will be Albers or Sutil

Davidson will get up to 10-14 (and maybe finish)

Torro Rosso will go to monaco with no DNF's

I think that's all...more with the time :mrgreen: