Hello from Heidelberg, Germany

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Hello from Heidelberg, Germany

Post by Gartenmoebel2006 » 03 May 2008, 15:07

Hello everybody,
Greetings from Germany,
Me, myself and I - we are an almost 40 year old lazy software consultant - who fell in love with F1 in the late 1970s - exactly in 1978 when Mario Andretti grabbed the title.
Eversince then I was following F1 - admiring the ones with the greatest talents like the wonderful Senna, the outstanding Lauda, the professore Prost. Of course I was also longing for a local hero - in the 1980s there was this promising driver stefan bellof - unfortunately he was killed in 1985 in Spa (not in a F1 race this was).
In the 1990 the star of M. Schumacher arose - and all of a sudden not only I but everybody in Germany was interested in F1. Now that Schumi is gone who will be the new star? The ever annoying Alonso, the never smiling Raikonnen or maybe Mr. nice guy Hamilton? If I could choose - I would go for Rosberg!
We will see ...

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Re: Hello from Heidelberg, Germany

Post by Ali » 06 May 2008, 12:24

Very welcome, all of you :)

I think Rosberg will likely be the driver's champion.
Enjoy your time here.
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