Appletrees rally stories

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by Julia » 04 Apr 2011, 12:07

thanks, it was good to read! :O

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by luieluv » 04 Apr 2011, 14:39

Fantastic one again from apple. Loved it.
So its gonna be a mix of Ravishing Black and White for Kimi Raikkonen this season

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by apple » 24 Apr 2011, 16:57


"Mmmmm.".I sighed and reached my face towards the sun.The spring had finally concured our land with a furious strike of warm temperatures. I had never ever saw the snow melt so fast. It sort of vanished straight to the air.
" So..would this be allright?" the Tree asked and whipped its branches round and round.
"Noo...too ..grey. Isnt the bright green better?" I felt almost dizzy after this colour fitting moment, it had lasted hours already. But you know my Tree..
"I dont want to fall on top of those bunnies you have down there.And first of all, any other tree dont have even one leaf anywhere. You really shine to everybody with those big green leaves which change colour all the time."
" Now I shine everywhere" Tree said and if it had had a nose I think it would have pointed up.
"Oh..god, red!!
"You are quite right. Red is out of fashion."
Tree changed its colour to blue..greenish blue.
" How I have waited for the spring to come..and now as its here..I am confused."
"Because it came so fast even unnoticed. Like it hadnt made big efforts to reach the point where the winter has to withdraw."
"How I get the feeling, I am going to fly , fast and high again.?"
"Well..Kimi has opened the book. "
"Oh..better get going then."

This time around the dust hadnt even settled .
I didnt forget to nod to the gods of this old land as you remember they are the first ones that had stepped they foot on this planet. The earth had been restless and the gods were having a gathering as I saw the god of hunting here. He had his share from Jari- Mattis thundering look and Ogiers wildly beating heart. To Jari-Matti the difference of their time was eternity. To Ogier the difference was a blink of an eye.

Kimi was stearing to the Dead Sea. It reflected the colour of his eyes.
" Hi. "
I circled around his head with my broom, just for fun ofcourse. I dont need brooms to fly.
"Err..could you stop that? I feel like a wich is flying above my head and I dont like that."
" Okay, I dont need it anyway." The broom vanished and I took a nice comfortable position in the air.
" Sit down! I have opened the book and there is a story I dont understand. "
" Oh, let me see."
Kimi handed the book to me and I started to read.

" Once upon a time there was a man who had travelled thru the worlds and places as long as he could remember. Everywhere he went there were people , so he was not alone. As the time went by he saw that the people were not honestly his friends and he began to feel lonely . He built the home he wanted to his heart and kept it there. But the home in his heart began to grow bigger and bigger until it felt too difficult to keep it in his cheast.
So he vanished from the map of the world .He did what his heart told him to.
When he came in forward to people he had had a son.
He took good care of it and the people who were around him, protected him from the other people who shouted to him like he had been betrayed them.
Now they started to say he doesnt take good care of his son and is looking elsewhere. The people who were with him created a circle around him and helped him to take care of his son. He had to hide long times because of the noise of bitter people.
But in his hiding place he was safe and he could say:
"He has grown fast..isnt he just beautiful?, with the pride of the father. "

I looked at Kimi . I think he knew what the story ment.
"As you know the story can also transform to another in this book. Its partly true,partly prophesy.
You may remember the map ,how it changed with you? "
"The book does the same."Kimi nodded.
"Its as unpredictable as life."
"I dont like unpredictable things..but I know I create ones all the time."Kimi laughed a little.
"And leave a line of nervwrecked people behind you.".I mumbled.
"I dont mean that..I ..just,look, it seems this speed I have now came just like by itself . I dont have to do any big courage things to reach even top five. But at the same time I know I cant reach higher, I know I can go faster but I just cant. It eats me inside. I want to put my ancle straight and look how the world starts to go slower and slower ,how I am the fastest thing on earth in that moment."

I steared at him for a while. I saw how the race driver inside him was chewing his barriers.Yet I knew he has a determination of an rock.
"Ok, god bless you." I nodded.

I went back to my sunny home, looked at the sun and hoped that on 20, may, the trees have beautiful bright green leaves. The fragile green one which gives the promise of future.

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by Kriss » 25 Apr 2011, 16:10

Apple, I loved your story a lot :hug:

"Red is out of fashion."
:lol: :lol:

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by apple » 28 Jun 2011, 13:44


The summer came fast , eventually. Sudden rush of warm temperatures and the nature thanks and gives us all something fabulous to see,smell and hear.The plants almost tickle your foot sole as you step on the place where wasnt anything a moment ago. We all turn our faces to the warm, yellow light and enjoy it as long as it lasts. Because if you know our land at all, you know it surprises you at the next moment with the cold showers . Back and forth,back and forth.
Funny thing is , one or two days can be a whole year in a nutshell.
We were closing on the middle summer. The moment when the yellow light stays there for ever and ever and ever..And my tree enjoys it , as all the plants in our world.
-aahh...look at this wonderful life! Tree sighed and took a better position.
- Nuts it is what it is. I lauhghed.
-What?Tree tapped its biggest branch to the ground.
-Err...dont kill the rabbit, I mean , look all the beeings in here. Birds sing and play , then they sing and build a nest, cockoo there doesnt build a nest, it just takes over the nest and it is basicly all the same with humans. Finns are totally different people at summer. Confusingly different. Then comes the middle summer and we all know what comes after that, the straight downhill to the big darkness. But we hang on in the sunlight until it goes down too early. We survive with the memory of the warm yellow light and grazy summer days a couple of months. Then comes the big darkness and people stay at their homes and forget how to say hello to each others. Its just so schizophrenic.
- what a long description about people who are both warm and cold...but you know there are birds that hide in the middle of the dark green spruce copse ,but come to the yards as the winter blows ?
- thats only confirming the fact. I showed my tongue.
-yack..what have you been eating?
- I dont know. Some god gave it to me. Its their candy.
- Go and have a candy at Creek, then.

I was now on the sole of the pure gods. Usually its very safe to walk amogst them but now as the world was confused , the gods were a little nervous. Confusion creates changes. Even amongst the gods.
God of luck was making bigger arrows as he thought they might be needed now.That big arrows could easily hit the wrong ones..I thought but didnt say anything.
Two bulls were fighting and gods were watching it like an amusing game. Ups..there were Loeb and Ogier and someone in the middle, between their horns. Quesnel needs now gods..I thought but continued my path.
Hirvo were chasing the god of hunting,not the other way round.
Petter stood there in the shades ..the mask of happy guy was beside him and the mask of angry guy in his hands. Which one to choose?

But then I saw Kimi,this time alone , as seemingly he had changed. He wasnt alone while rallies. Always chatting with someone, summer in his heart. But if the reporters and shouting people gathered around him, he let the winter in his heart.
I had seen the ice berg grow during his long had melted a bit on top..but there under the surface, for people not to see, the grounf of the berg had grown..wider and wider.
-Hi, Kimi and Kaj. I nodded to them.
-Hi, long time no see. Kimi smiled.
I have been looking my book here..there isnt anything right now. He raised his eyebrows.
-Let me see..I think there is lots to see, but you have hidden it. This is a book full of hidden writing.
- Should have known ,you cant be fooled.
-After all I am wise old lady. I raised my nose.
-Who walks with bare foot. Kimi raised his.
-Remember..the looks can be very deceiving.
So..hows the rally?
- Like an schoolday. At the moment it feels like it. Maybe the Finnish rally will be different.
- Thats why you drive nascar?
- Yep, its totally fun.
-But I warned you once of this.
-Now I can take a different approach to this.I have learned if I want to succeed in rally, I have to work hard. Go my own rally school.
In F1 I was natural. I knew the car, the tracks and how the car behaves on those tracks.
Here everything changes all the time. You need experience to succeed. the old horse can learn a new things?
- Yes, if it kicks you in the ass.
Kimi laughed. Then he got serious.
- My fans...I know I am what I am. I cant please the whole bunch of them because I believe , if I give something to someone, I should give it to all . I am not able to do that..but..I found away.
-I am all ears.
- The movie.The document of my life. the moving picture you will see all my facial expressions as they are at the moment. I am naked. It creeps me out a bit.
- I am sure we know how to look at it. Thankyou, Kimi.
-See you at the next rally?
- Ofcourse.
-Your not scared to jump to the forest again?
-No. I will jump to the big green forest, full of life. I smiled and disappeared. I left something behind me tho.
Fragile little light blue flowers with yellow center in light green stem. Forget-me-not.

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by Suomileijona » 29 Jun 2011, 15:40

Thanks Apple, lovely stories as always! :shhh: :hug:

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Re: Appletrees rally stories

Post by Kriss » 30 Jun 2011, 15:53

thanks Apple :hug:

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