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Rate the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix
Poll ended at 05 Oct 2008, 14:37
10 points: That was wonderful! 25%  25%  [ 17 ]
9 points: I loved it! 25%  25%  [ 17 ]
8 points: Oh that was great! 13%  13%  [ 9 ]
7 points: It was pretty good. 13%  13%  [ 9 ]
6 points: It wasn't bad. 6%  6%  [ 4 ]
5 points: Eh there where parts that weren't very good, though! 4%  4%  [ 3 ]
4 points: It could have been a lot better. 3%  3%  [ 2 ]
3 points: I didn't really like it 4%  4%  [ 3 ]
2 points: It was aweful! 3%  3%  [ 2 ]
1 point: BAD 3%  3%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 68
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 Post subject: Re: Rate the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix
PostPosted: 02 Oct 2008, 03:01  
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1-Best Driver - Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso both drove brilliant races
2-Best Team - Renault for great strategy which led to Alonso win, Williams for being the only team to get both cars into the points
3-Best Overtake - Lewis Hamilton on David Coulthard
4-Best Moment - When Fernando Alonso crossed the chequered flag to be the first black knight :)
5-Worst Driver & Worst Team - Kimi Raikkonen - fought bravely from 16th to fifth but then threw it all away with a rookie's crash. Why, Why, Why?? and Ferrari , a bungled pitstop which could have easily cost Felipe Massa the championship, an both their drivers making mistakes. This totally wiped of the fact that they had the fastest car and the fact that the best two fastest laps in the race were set by Raikkonen and Massa.... :huh:
6-Best Rookie - Kazuki Nakajima (although Nelson Piquet was a lot more helpful to his team :pout: )
7-Biggest Surprise - Felipe Massa leaving the pitstop with the fuel hose attached to his car
8-General Comment - Great race, I gave it a 9. For the first 15 laps it was looking as if it would be a Massa vs Hamilton vs Raikkonen battle but then the safety car changed everything. Bungled pitstops fro Ferrari and Lewis extending his championship lead, Alonso taking his first win for over a year.... what else can you say? :cool:
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 Post subject: Re: Rate the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix
PostPosted: 02 Oct 2008, 06:33  
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TwistedArmco wrote:
Tommi wrote:
7/10, nice race but not as good some people thinks. Don't understand the praise what Alonso gets, he was just lucky.

Lucky he was, but he had the pace both before and after the Pace Car, and cleared Jarno Trulli beforehand, which effectively got him the win. Otherwise, Rosberg would have won.

Roseberg would have easily won if he was in the same strategy as alonso. And about trulli, he had double the fuel as everybody and not only alonso but roseberg and nakajima overtook him.
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 Post subject: Re: Rate the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix
PostPosted: 03 Oct 2008, 20:55  
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1-Best Driver - Nico Rosberg, for the simple fact that his drive throughout the race was perfect, the kamikazee tactics of Renault did pay off for Alonso but I didn't really see anything outstanding like I expect of him just a solid race with no troubles. Whereas Nico Rosberg at the end really had to hold hamilton off for the laps that Hamilton was being allowed to attack him and this really was some skillful driving, a 2nd Place finish for a Williams is awsome.
2-Best Team - Williams, for the awsomeness of getting Nico Rosberg to 2nd place. If there was allowed to be a second place I would have to give it to Renault for sheer luck with their Gung Ho tactic.
3-Best Overtake - Nico on Trulli, I thought this was a nice slide past overtake with no mistakes just a great overtake. Also Hamilton on Coultard, this was a smart overtake, it would be first if Hamilton hadn't have been stuck behind him for so long.
4-Best Moment - Ferrari cocking up Massas pit stop. The old saying is true, whatever goes around comes around.
5-Worst Driver & Worst Team - Ferrari, The top car in the sport alongside Hamilton and couldn't sort their pit stop machine out, back to the old lolly pop trick.
6-Best Rookie - Sebastien Vettel, another great performance off his awsomeness in the previous grand prix, this guy is going to the top and quick, lets hope Ferrari don't get him.
7-Biggest Surprise - Kimmi Raikkonen managing to not end the race AGAIN, perfectly sitting in the points and he decides to ram his car up the wall, this guy needs to sort this out, it happened in Monaco and now in Singapore, Kimi can't do street races.
8-General Comment - I really enjoyed the Grand Prix, I gave it a 7/10, I thought that it was a real shame that Renault had won from sheer luck from their Gung Ho tactics, I really would have liked to see them win but off a good strong performance from Piquet or Alonso, I thought F1 looked awsome under the nightlights and I am really looking forward to it next year without breaks. :)

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