2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix


Who will win the 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton
Felipe Massa
Kimi Räikkönen
Robert Kubica
Nick Heidfeld
Heikki Kovalainen
No votes
Jarno Trulli
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Mark Webber
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Fernando Alonso
Rubens Barrichello
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Jenson Button
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Total votes: 43

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2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by Arrows_F1 » 24 Jul 2008, 17:46

2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix
XXIII ING Magyar Nagydíj (official)

Image Image

wikipedia wrote:
The first Hungarian Grand Prix (Hungarian: Magyar Nagydíj) was held on June 21, 1936 over a 3.1-mile track laid out in Népliget, a park near the center of Budapest. The Mercedes-Benz, Auto Union, and Ferrari teams all sent three cars and the event drew a very large crowd. However, politics and the ensuing war meant the end of Grand Prix motor racing in the country for fifty years

Grand Prix History
The Hungaroring held its first Grand Prix in 1986 and has since been ever-present on the Formula One calendar.
The circuit is a modern complex and facilities are good.
But overtaking is difficult and this often turns the races here into a procession from the grid.

Grand Prix Information
Laps 70
Circuit length 4.38 km (2.72 miles)
Race length 306.66 km (190.55 miles)
Most wins by single driver Michael Schumacher (4)
Most wins by single constructor Williams (7)
Lap Record Race 1:19.071
Lap Record Driver Michael Schumacher (2004)
Tires Prime Soft
Tires Optional Super Soft

Current Driver Standings

01 Lewis Hamilton 58
02 Felipe Massa 54
03 Kimi Räikkönen 51
04 Robert Kubica 48
05 Nick Heidfeld 41
06 Heikki Kovalainen 28
07 Jarno Trulli 20
08 Mark Webber 18
09 Fernando Alonso 13
10 Rubens Barrichello 11
11 Nelsinho Piquet 10
12 Nico Rosberg 8
13 Kazuki Nakajima 8
14 David Coulthard 6

Current Constructeur Standings

01 Ferrari 105
02 BMW Sauber 89
03 McLaren-Mercedes 86
04 Toyota 25
05 Red Bull-Renault 24
06 Renault 23
07 Williams-Toyota 16
08 Honda 14
09 STR-Ferrari 8
10 Force India-Ferrari 0

Winners 1996-2007

Code: Select all

1996: Jacques Villeneuve  Williams-Renault
1997: Jacques Villeneuve  Williams-Renault
1998: Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
1999: Mika Häkkinen  McLaren-Mercedes
2000: Mika Häkkinen  McLaren-Mercedes
2001: Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
2002: Rubens Barrichello  Ferrari
2003: Fernando Alonso  Renault
2004: Michael Schumacher  Ferrari
2005: Kimi Räikkönen  McLaren-Mercedes
2006: Jenson Button  Honda
2007: Lewis Hamilton  McLaren-Mercedes


1st August

Friday FP 1: 10.00 to 11.30
Friday FP 2: 14.00 to 15.30

2nd August

Saturday FP 3: 11.00 tp 12.00
Qualifying: 14.00

3rd August

Race: 14.00

- All times are Race local times (UTC +2/GMT +1 hours

Budapest technical preview
The Hungaroring offers plenty of challenges to drivers and engineers alike. The circuit features no high-speed corners, leading the team to run the highest possible downforce levels, while the primary concern for the engine team is ensuring good cooling in the usually hot conditions. The high summer temperatures also make life difficult for the drivers, who need to be in peak physical condition to cope with a race that gives them very little respite over its 70-lap distance.

The twisting, 14-corner layout of the Hungaroring features just one legitimate overtaking opportunity per lap, into turn 1. Apart from this straight of just over 700m, the circuit is filled with sequences of low to medium-speed corners, with short braking distances which make overtaking nearly impossible. The result is that the teams all run with maximum downforce levels, similar if not identical to those used in Monaco, in order to optimise not just cornering speeds, but also braking and traction. Maximum speeds achieved on the main straight rarely exceed 300kph with the V8 engines.

Mechanical grip is an important factor at a low-speed circuit such as this, and teams will generally try to run the car with softer settings all round to improve mechanical grip. The drivers want a responsive car in the low-speed sections, with good traction on corner exit, which will usually lead the teams to a forward mechanical bias (stiffer front/softer rear) in terms of set-up. However, rear tyre wear must be monitored very carefully, particularly to avoid overloading the softer compound available this weekend.

Bridgestone will bring the Soft and Super Soft compounds from its 2008 range, as were used in Monaco and Canada. The low-grip circuit conditions, coupled with the absence of high-speed corners, make these choices possible. As has become customary, the tyre management challenge for the weekend will be to control graining on the softest compound, and this should improve as the circuit rubbers-in throughout the weekend. Data collected during practice will determine whether the super-soft is suitable for use during the majority of the race, while cooler-than-expected temperatures, or overnight rain washing the circuit clean of rubber, could further complicate matters.

Another important chassis parameter will be ensuring good cooling of the mechanical parts. Although the car's cooling capacity is now well-known, attention must be paid to ensuring the radiators are still well-cooled in spite of the high levels of front downforce we run at this circuit. This will have been the object of particular attention in the wind tunnel, and will be fine-tuned during the weekend to ensure the cooling solution required brings the minimum performance penalty.

With the longest period spent at full throttle barely exceeding ten seconds, and with only 56% of the lap spent at full throttle (significantly lower than the average), this is not a demanding circuit for the engine. Of the 14 corners, five are taken in second gear at around 100kph. Unlike Monaco, where the cars reach abnormally slow speeds in the hairpins, the minimum speed at the Hungaroring is approximately 90kph. This means the engine spends the majority of its time in a relatively narrow operating window between 100kph and 250kph, and the closely-spaced gear ratios we use are selected to ensure optimum performance in this range. As always on a circuit featuring a large number of slow corners, good torque is important to help launch the cars out of the turns.


Check these sites for weather updates, 5-10 day forecast:
http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/b ... earch_city

Live Streams
Programs used: Sopcast, TVU Player, PPMate, TV Ants

Code: Select all

CHANNEL            STREAM          STREAM ID  TYPE                FP1  FP2  FP3  Qualifying  Race  
ITV                ITV Web         N/A        Flash - Web based     X    X                X     X
SpeedTV            Wheels          N/A        TVU Player                 X                X     X       
Star Sports        Star Sports     10005      TVU Player                                  X     X
                   Star Sports     N/A        PPMate                                      X     X
CCTV5              CCTV5           10007      TVUPlayer                                         X
                   CCTV5           6002       SopCast                                           X 
RTL                RTL Web         N/A        MMS - Web based                             X     X
Eurosport France   Eurosport (?)   N/A        TVAnts                X    X    X                     

ITV F1Stream , Wheels, Star Sports TVU, Star Sports PPMate, CCTV 5 SopCast, CCTV 5 TVU, CCTV 5 TVAnts, CCTV 5 PPMate, RTL
  • For future use of the ITV stream you can save the .swf file to your hard drive and play it from there. You may lose the player controls though. It is possible that you may need a UK proxy for the ITV stream at some point.
  • There should be a SopCast stream for FP3, but it is very unstable due to it's high load and will suffer from a lot of buffering. Avoid it if you can.
  • Possible stream for GP2: Web, Player only (works in Media Player Classic)

Live timing
You can follow live timing at formula1.com official website: http://www.formula1.com/services/live_t ... iming.html

F1 Prediction League
Don't forget to submit your predictions in viewtopic.php?f=24&t=2998 . Good luck ;)

Video Thread
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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by shailf1 » 24 Jul 2008, 18:57

well hamilton has an edge looking at last year's performance. but who knows like mclaren did well in ferrari favoured tracks, ferrari might br competitive in here.

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by blizzard » 25 Jul 2008, 08:36

My favourites are Hamilton once again and Kimi. Lewis is in great shape atm, but Kimi also drove very well in my opinion, he suffered from bad strategy and bad luck in the last couple of races. Plus Ferrari started 1+2 in Monaco which is generally compared to Hungary. So the Ferrari is pretty strong on high downforce circuits this year. And the time would be right for Kimi to finally win again :)

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by swca92 » 25 Jul 2008, 08:47

This track should suit McLaren,so I fancy Hamilton to win this race. McLaren were the best last year, and although Ferrari are better with high downforce tracks this year,McLaren seem to have the edge at the moment and I fancy Hamilton to win fairly comfortably

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by JoostLamers » 25 Jul 2008, 11:36

Hope Hamilton can take his 3rd(!) consecutive win, the hattrick would be perfect :thumbsup: , so I voted Hamilton. Last year I can remember it was quite close in the race between Hamilton and Raikkonen, and that it was a pretty emotional weekend for the whole McLaren team, because dirty Alonso :<>:
PS. Who voted Alonso is going to win??? :nosweat: He shouldn't even be in the poll :cheezy:
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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by Ali » 25 Jul 2008, 12:31

joostlamers wrote:that it was a pretty emotional weekend for the whole McLaren team, because dirty Alonso :<>:

It was not a fair conclusion only to judge Alonso. It was 50-50 case if you consider Hamilton hadn't obeyed the team decision by not letting Fernando pass him at the begining of Q3 and having that extra lap. Although Alonso's behavior was not a sportsmanship one but a gamesmanship, I would be very careful to comment on these kind of incidents as we couldn't know exactly what was hapening behind the scenes. So, let's be fair and reasonable.

Last year, McLaren was superior to Ferrari in tight and twisty circuits but this year, Ferrari has closed the gap to McLaren in such circuits. I also think Ferrari guys have been working so hard since Germany to forget that terrible result. They can be competitive. I am not saying Ferrari will surely win but we won't see another race like Germany. Head to head, good scrap, I guess. My favorite Kimi and then Lewis.
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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by syafiqa » 25 Jul 2008, 15:20

I'm voted for my favourite driver to win...
the one n only,raikkonen. :cheezy:

minus his bad luck and minus his team poor strategy, he actually can win the hungarian grand prix. !yahoo:

Coz he is the fastest driver in the fastest car :shhh:

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by coup » 25 Jul 2008, 16:33

syafiqa wrote:Coz he is the fastest driver in the fastest car :shhh:

so true
Raikkonen for the win!

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by TwistedArmco » 25 Jul 2008, 16:52

joostlamers wrote:..dirty Alonso :<>:

In fairness to Alonso, both he and Hamilton tried to detriment each others' Quali runs, and in that way, Hamilton manufactured the situation to what it was.
In fairness to Hamilton, he did it in a "legal" way, whereas Alonso didn't, (although if MacMerc didn't want anything made of it, why was anything made of it?).

In fairness to Hamilton, he didn't also blackmail Ron afterwards. &doh :roll::

But I can laugh about it all now. :cheezy:
No, I'm not calmer. Just more jaded.

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by Lilellatho » 25 Jul 2008, 16:54

Hello everyone. :wave: Am I still allowed in here after all the time missing? :blush: Anyway, after graduating from uni and changing cities, I've finally settled down a bit, so I'm sorta back to normal activities, yay :cheezy:

Anyway, sorry for the OT.
As for the race, I'm not really looking forward to it, Hungary has always been kinda boring, and with the form Ferrari have been showing lately, I don't know what to think. Just hope they get their head right and stop screwing up their races with strategy and driver mistakes or bits falling of their car and actually bring some changes to the car, cause they really need it. Kimi could also do with a bit of luck I reckon, but I guess as a Kimi fan, I should be used to the lack of it, right? :tired:
But I guess we'll just wait and see.

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by megasyxx » 25 Jul 2008, 17:40

hmmm....let's see, hungarian gp. what can i say? let's just hope well have an eventful race like rain/dry conditions or even a lunatic running across the circuit so it'll be a less boring race.

and also....maybe the maiden win for heikki or the first win for alonso since leaving mclaren.

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by Sanredrose » 25 Jul 2008, 22:48

Nelsinho for race win !! How about this ???

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by Chris-L » 25 Jul 2008, 22:53

If it rains, as we saw in 2006, I am going to put Alonso... He was unbelieveable in those conditions and he really likes that track...

Dry: Lewis or Kimi.

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by syafiqa » 26 Jul 2008, 03:10

Yeah..alonso is the one whos like to race in wet track condition. N he shows his superb drive at hungary in 2006..
But now he is not in the competitive car to fight.
Maybe if he won, just like piquet, it depend on a little of luck. And maybe when hamilton and the two ferraris make a mistake.Who knows??

Alonso is a fastest driver :thumbsup:
unfortunately he is not in the fastest car. :nosweat:

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Re: 2008 FORMULA 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Post by lucian » 26 Jul 2008, 07:51

I saw the new aerodynamics of McLaren today and it looks like the changes are quite spectacular. It appears that their development rate surpasses the Ferrari's and it makes me worry about the fight for the title. If Hamilton wins the next 2 races it might be a boring season from then on.