2008 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Who will win the Turkish Grand Prix

Poll ended at 09 May 2008, 19:33

Kimi Raikkonen
Felipe Massa
Nick Heidfeld
No votes
Robert Kubica
Lewis Hamilton
Total votes: 76

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Re: 2008 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Post by lucian » 13 May 2008, 20:28

HamiltonF1 wrote:
lucian wrote:
flashman wrote:I also wouldn't be myself if i didn't praise my favourite (Robert Kubica) for a very good start (from 5th to 3rd on one turn !). Maybe later not everything went that well (one position lost on the pitstop), but whatever.. :thumbsup:

Yeah he certainly did a good race, especially if you compare it to his teammate.

Kimi still has to find his best form, he's close to it now but once in a while he gets owned by Massa. I'm quite optimistic he'll win more than Massa in the more difficult tracks, but I think Hamilton will improve and it's going to get better.

Uhm dude now your talking like your his best friend and knows everything about him lol :p

Thanks for the irony :cheezy:. I don't want to talk bulls**, sorry if I just don't pay attention to how it looks. But you know, when you hear most of your friends are supporting Massa you become quite annoyed to see that Kimi simply can't beat his teammate. I'm sure many fans of Kimi thought a few years ago that Kimi would have put serious problems to Schumacher if he'd been his teammate. But it's obvious that Schumacher would beat Massa a lot more often. And it logically results Kimi wouldn't stand a chance against Schumacher.

So my whole point is I was expecting Kimi to beat his teammate every time or almost.

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Re: 2008 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Post by WAMozart » 15 May 2008, 18:03

I think Hamilton made his best. i dont like him too much, but he did everything here in istanbul, so congrats to him. To be honest i didnt see any contact in live betveen Kimi and Heikki. Did anybody?

Oh yes and Kubica is the god:DDDD

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Re: 2008 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Post by Alex.J. » 16 May 2008, 12:32

yep i did at the beginning, watch the FULL ONBOARD RACE and ull see ;)
As I walked through it Sunday evening, I couldn’t help but be amazed by the scale of this operation and the thousands of man hours that go into entertaining us for a couple of hours, 17 times a year.

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Re: 2008 Petrol Ofisi Turkish Grand Prix

Post by wekim » 14 Jul 2008, 18:01

Mark 7. , Nico 8. Flag:## !yahoo: