Prediction competition - Brazil

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Re: Prediction competition - Brazil

Post by Zack » 01 Nov 2008, 15:15

Got PM ... Sent at: Today, 8:37 pm IST
McLaren-F1 wrote:1. F. Massa
2. L. Hamilton
3. K. Raikkonen
4. F. Alonso
5. H. Kovalainen
6. R. Kubica
7. N. Heidfeld
8. S. Vettel

2 Wet or dry race? Wet
3 Will the safety car be utilized? Yes
4 Will any team get the top 2 positions? Yes
5 Will there be any accident? Yes
6 Who will take pole position? Hamilton
7 How many teams get both drivers in top 10 quali? 4
8 How many drivers will finish the race? 16
9 Who will do the fastest lap? Felipe Massa
10 Will Lewis Hamilton win the World Driver Championship? Yes

Mate sorry i was a bit late i had just come home..

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